Losing out looks like reality.

I thought for sure we’d get this one. Mixed emotions…I hate being such a poor team. It will be years before we can rebuild this mess.

It doesn’t do any good to change your starting lineup when your stuck playing role player that make losing plays. They don’t take good shots and don’t move the ball on offense. They are allowing A&M to shoot over 60% in the second half. No excuse for it.
Just like not rebounding a missed free throw. Sorry defense.

Sorry post entry pass and fail to get a shot off down 7. Turnover. Sorry.
Oh course the real issue is where is the sense of urgency to make winning plays throughout the game. Fight to come back under a minute to play when you play like garbage all night.
Dump the dead weight and get some more players in to help the ones that can play.
Starting Harris won’t get it done.
Gabe played better tonight.

End of season collapse, not characteristic of Mikes teams in the past. I don’t think it’s a youth issue anymore but more of sentiment & attitude issue for some reason. No chemistry, no energy, just bad basketball.

I agree, we need a change

I don’t think Harris really cared. He plays defense like a 3rd grader! This is pitiful.
Get beat at home by a sorry team.

It’s baseball season.
Oh by the way we are the only home team to get beat today! Way to go hogs!

Kentucky will beat us by 40:rage::cry: