Losing is not ever good

or fun. I haven’t seen the game yet, just highlights. With that said… on the bad side a few things that jump out are total points, we have to score more. We also got nada from the bench in point production, I think they had a couple of guys in double figures off the bench. I’ll watch the game later and get a better look. But we have to let these guys play. Last shot has won a lot of games for a lot of teams over the years, us included. I’ll just say they hit a big time difficult shot to keep it going.

The good side is we played better that I thought we would overall, we competed. We win this game at home, and probably pretty easily.

I’ll need to see the game but we had a few no shows on the bench it appears that were a huge difference in this one. I am uninformed at this point, and don’t know if they got the minutes and didn’t perform or didn’t get the minutes. If it’s the later, then we need to fix that.

I think you’ll be disappointed we lost but encouraged by what we showed.

Played really hard. Very good defense. Blocked out very well. Passed well. Got screwed pretty well by refs. Had about 10 chances to finish and just couldn’t quite do it.

I would have fouled before the 3 but the vast majority of college coaches just don’t. Their best player rose up and hit a huge shot. I would have made them hit a FT and get a rebound but college coaches are just really scared to do it.

Gafford is a stud and Joe’s shot is as pure as the driven snow. Harris has great vision. Needs to hit some shots.

It was an encouraging, but painfully frustrating game.

Gashog…Daniel had some dunks you’ll like.

Desi almost pulled a huge dunk off. But it hit the rim. Kid can soar…

I thought for the first game with so many new faces, the Hogs played really well. When they got down by ten or so, it could have easily gotten away from them, but they kept chipping away until they got the lead. Should have won, but didn’t. Just hope this isn’t a case of needing to learn how to win.

A few concerns: (1) the ability to handle full-court pressure “De”; (2) Gafford’s free throw shooting as well as many others, but as the star, he’s going to be the one hacked a lot; (3) thought we had a few possessions late in which we didn’t execute very well, like a rushed three one time.

But overall, the team played well.