Losing faith in Mike.

Been a MA homer and defender but I watch Chris Beard at TTU have them in the top 10 in year two, Jaime Dixon have TCU in the top 20 in year two…two teams that have no basketball history.

And here we are in year 7 and we can barely sniff the top 25, lose to inferior programs, and generally show very little progress.

Tough to stomach right now.

Up at by 18 and now down to Missouri. :frowning:

Wow, we were lucky. :smiley:

the switches on screens are beyond pitiful.

Rebounding and 1/2 court game have LONG stretches of inetptitude…like 3-15 GAMES

7 years, 2 NCAA wins. one over Wofford by 1 point.

The usual posters keep attacking anyone who complains saying “every year you complain, but we had a horrible slump last year and you all didn’t admit you were wrong”. on our glorious trip to the sweet 32 lol.

If we were regulars in the sweet 16, then DD and the other defenders would have a point, but we aren’t. we are in year 7 and have NEVER had a good season.

Now, in Mike’s defense, his teams to pick up steam late, and this team certainly could go go the sweet 16 if they play like they did against OU or UCONN or Minnesota. but MAN, when mike’s teams play bad they REALLY play bad. and if we stupid fans who are so stupid to complain about annual mid-season slumps are so stupid, I guess we really don’t appreciate being an 11 seed every year. or the NIT.

I really hesitate to post anything negative on this website, but I think it’s very fair to say that after 30 years of Sutton and Nolan, we have now been in a 20 year slump. 7 on Mike’s watch. very sad, cuz he seems like such a nice guy and he’s recruiting well right now.

but I just don’t see him ever doing well against elite coaches the way he switches and can’t rebound and cant’ play 1/2 court O or D, unless the team is shooting 55% from 3. and that’s just not reliable.


Mike will win and recruit just well enough to keep his job year after year. If they get into tourney sweet sixteen is their max probably if there are upsets which give us favorable matchups , but get against a quality coach and a team with equal talent and the norm will be about like last year. Win one and go home. I don’t see much more. Glory days r gone.

I would be listening to Coach being miked up the last two games. It is really just a whole lot of little things that when it clicks again and hopefully that is tournament time, then we could get two or three big dance wins or win the conference. Traditional power is taking a beating often this year, so we are not alone and not immune. I do agree that Mike needs to step up his game also.

I’m very frustrated with CMA and hate to admit it. Mike has to deal with the 3 SR Guards playing so much 1 on 1 ball so the offense is suffocating. Hall playing at the 3 was very telling that the spacing on the floor was better with more passing (with just 2 of the 3 SR guards on the Floor). As ALWAYS, We are leaving players open against good passing teams since we double-team the ball handler and then that is compounded by bad rebounding.

CMA’s trapping was killing us last year at this time too but he finally gave in and went to more zone WITHOUT TRAPS. Our rebounding improved, fouls were reduced, we played defense with our feet and the players were not fatigued as much. A lot of the problems are from double-teaming the ball handler which leaves us in reaction to the open person who we also foul. The rebounding is another broken record. We don’t have anyone to rebound because we let our bigs get on the perimeter on switches too much.

Please stop the trapping so much and play some zone.

I absolutely think the world of Mike Anderson but becoming a bit worried with the performances we have put up the past 4 games. We won the Missouri game with the pick n roll in the last 2 minutes. Macon said it was available all night. Why did the coaches not see this earlier?

I’m a big fan of Mike.

Runs a clean program at a time when others clearly don’t even if they get away with it (hello Auburn),

I maybe wrong but my impression is that Mike was always popular with players because he was good cop to Nolan’s bad cop.

Personally I wish his teams had more of a killer instinct.

His press seems much softer than his mentor’s and I’m not sure he has recruited killer instinct as much.

We have seemed soft in some games and not well recruited in some areas,

Perhaps Mike himself would agree with that to some degree, I don’t know.

I want to believe we are a program that is winning conference titles and working to re load, but seems we are loading still and firing some blanks,

Yes we have had a two NCAA teams, and yes Mike inherited a real dumpster fire and his first years should not count.

Admittedly would be nice to see a sweet sixteen or conference title just to validate program operations from time to time.

I’m really rooting for him.

I am a Mike Anderson fan…was disappointed it took so long to get him back and was excited about his hire. But as has been mentioned here already the success has been not what was expected. We simply haven’t been a really good team for most of the last 6 years. We’ve been good but not really good and definitely not great.

The era of basketball we’re in with the the one and done and even the players that move on after year two has set expectations that within 2 - 3 years the team could/should be rebuilt to a consistent top twenty team. We haven’t even been consistently a top twenty team for any of that time. 7 years in basketball is akin to 20 in football. We seem to be much less tolerant of football than basketball even though the time frames to being a power are significantly different.

I am by no means calling for Coach A to be replaced but at some point going into year 8 the expectations have to be either changed to just making the tournament to being a threat within the tournament. Either we’re satisfied with what we have or we do something to change the status quo. Based on the (supposed) talent that is coming in next year and if Gafford stays, we should take that leap. If not, in my uneducated totally biased opinion we have to make a decision on on our expectations for basketball going forward - championship expectations or just a wanna’ be.

I hope Mike can get it going - really like him and want to see him successful but… we need to be better than what we’ve been…

I would love for Chris Beard to have an opportunity to “coach” this team !!!