Losing 4th Q leads against LSU and Mizzou

…makes me SICK. I have been a horrible mood all day long. My wife has avoided me. My dog. My cat. My daughter called my wife and didn’t ask to talk to me. She knew. If my mom were still alive she’d probably avoid me too.

I have been in a piss poor mood all day because my Hogs could have achieved the unthinkable, a .500 record against this schedule-from-hell. (I am counting Auburn as a win thank you). We have to learn to WIN.

On the other hand, the fact that I am this mad shows how far Pittman has brought this program in less than one full season. The fact that we pretty much DID beat Auburn, and should have beaten LSU and Mizzou…along with whom we DID beat really shines a light on how bright the future looks for our Hogs.

I am pissed. But I am also so very optimistic for the future. Pittman is the right man. Hopefully for the next 10-15 years. Now…let’s hope we somehow still get a bowl bid and that FIFTH win.


It shows you care but it also shows how far we have fallen as well. We have to build on this year with more success and improvement in 2021. Portal may be our way to make that leap. Auburn, LSU, South Carolina, Ky, and Vandy and perhaps a couple more are not feeling so well today either. Hard to build on the run in this conference and you cannot leave wins on the field.

Aloha Hogmaestro,

Ditto here at Hawaii. TOTALLY understand your situation amigo. Walking in your footsteps.


I agree. I was pissed but over it now. Beating Bama…we are going to need some serious help…turnovers…horrible officiating ( which will not happen…The SEC will make sure BAMA gets to championship game with no losses…just in case Florida beats Bama.

The sun came up today and will come up tomorrow and the hope for the future is real. Just got to fix some things.

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