Loseke needs to be sharp!

We got to lead we can’t afford him not to be Sharp

Not a great start, lets go Loseke

Good job of coming back but surprised he’s throwing nothing but fast balls he has a Wipeout breaking ball

Looks like it took 7 pitches but he settled in fine after that

Loseke is looking a lot better than the TX bullpen.

No doubt… just wondered what we’re going to do after the delay

Probably depends on how many, if any, we can tack onto the lead.

The radar appears to show a fairly small cell over Omaha. If the wind will blow it out, there shouldn’t be too long a delay. I hope Loseke can get us a couple of more innings, though. Don’t want to burn too many.

I’m hoping Loeske is able to come back in and give the hogs 1 or 2 more innings.
Man we need to take advantage of the bases loaded and no outs! That will dictate how things go for the bullpen.

One more inning would get us into Cronin territory. Hopefully by the time Texass comes to bat we have about a 6-run lead.

We’re approaching an hour long delay right now. Gonna be a bit longer than that. Now the question is whether we can bring him back. How many pitches has he thrown?

He’s thrown 19 according to the boxscore on the CWS Gametracker