Loseke is SEC Pitcher of the Week

Sounds about right.


How ironic that Arkansas has the SEC pitcher of the week following Sunday’s near-meltdown on the mound.

Baseball is a funny, funny game.

Barrett was responsible for stopping that total meltdown, and he got the win Sunday.

For as bad as the first several pitchers threw, the trio of Loseke, Lee and Reindl was very good.

Loseke was named national pitcher of the week today by the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association.

WPS. Good for him.

Matt what’s important moving forward is for those who had control and command issues to get it going! We will need all of the pitchers to be available to win in post season.
I do agree that Lee, Loeske and Reindl were really effective and good. When Cronnin is healthy and ready to play again the hogs have a very good bunch in the bullpen.