Lopez and Fassi mid-pack in Olympic golf

Gaby shot even par in the first round and is tied for 23rd. Maria shot +2 and is tied for 41st. Both playing for Mexico, of course.

The leader shot -5. Nelly Korda of the US is at -4, which is a second-place tie.

Three more rounds.

I stayed up late to watch the men in the Olympics. It messed up my schedule for several days. I’m not going to do it for the women. Football is starting and I don’t need to complicate things.

Interesting tidbit about Nelly Korda and her family.

She is currently ranked #1 in Golf. Tied with Gabby Lopez is her sister Jessica. Her brother Sebastian is currently ranked #45 in Tennis and projected to be the next American to win a major. Their father Petr was ranked as high as #2 in Tennis and won the 1988 Australian Open. Their other Regina was ranked as high as #26 in tennis.

Petr and Regina migrated to US from Czech Republic in late 90s.

Quite a sports family. The parents are always away from home attending their children’s events,


They were fantastic students. I enjoyed having both Maria and Gaby in class. Very proud to see them.

Gaby is -1 tonight but has dropped three spots midway through her second round. Fassi is even par today but has moved up two spots.

The Korda sisters are both in the top 10 right now.

Maria and Gaby are now tied, and that’s not a good thing. Both at +2.

Nelly Korda is now tied for the lead. She’s -5 in the first eight holes.

Gaby finished with a 72 for +1. She and Fassi are still tied at that number, which is a 36th place tie. Maria is -1 for the day.

Nelly Korda is -8 today and has a three-shot lead. Jessica Korda finished with a 67 and is tied for 12th, 8 shots behind her sister,

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