Looks pretty close, by the numbers

One statistic that bothers me (and is not shown below) is FT shooting; Butler hits a very high 77% of their free throws, while we are about 10 percentage points lower. If it’s a tight game that could well be the difference. On the other hand, we have a stellar record in close games this season.

Our freethrow percentage will be determined by who we get to the line. Macon, Barford and Beard at the line and it will be good. Some of the others, not so good normally.

Butler is not very good at getting to the line though. Their opponents have more than 100 extra FTAs for the season, which tells me they settle for jumpers and don’t attack the paint much. I would think Barford can exploit that.

Our free throw shooting is getting better and we should see it be much closer to Butler’s in the game. Gafford is a lot better, Hall has improved some, so that may not be a big factor.

Based on what? Yes, we had ONE really good game in the SECT, but I’d think our overall FT percentage over the last 6-8 games was pretty much in line with our season stats.

And Gafford has been at the 52-53% level for about the last month.

As for SF’s comments about Butler shooting fewer FT’s than their opponents, that’s not really relevant when it comes to end of game situations. If they have a lead, and we are forced to play the “foul them and hope they miss” game, we’ll be putting them on the line intentionally.

Yeah, if it gets to that. But nowadays it’s rare for games to come down to that. With the shot clock and the 3-point shot, if it’s close it’s better to play defense for 30 seconds in many instances than to foul. What was it, the Alabama game where they got back into it late by trading 3s for 2s rather than hoping we’d miss foul shots?

I really expect us to be so far ahead at the end of the game that there will not be any intentional fouling. I expect to see the Holmes kid get to score in this game.

we have our hands full,they have played a very tough schedule and will not be intimidated at all!! they are not a 10 seed…we will have to play like we did against Fla on defense or we are in trouble…we can defintely win the game but Macon and Barford better both be on Pt…last yr Kingsley had a very good game and Gafford needs to get 12-14 to helps us out…Go Hogs…WPS.