Looks like Western Kentucky loss wasn't all that bad

Looks like they are about to take down Wisconsin.

Wisconsin isn’t that good either.

Well, they are ranked around 15.

It’s still early in the season. We can re visit that issue on about a month. They won’t be by then.

Wisconsin is top-15 in Pomeroy. Good wins include @Xavier, OU (only loss), NC State (only loss), and @Iowa. They lost by 7 to UVa and by 5 @Marquette. They’ve played quite well.

Yes, they are.

The Badgers are 10-3 and were ranked 15th in the last poll.

I’m guessing a lot of Razorback fans would like to be “that good.”

I’m would venture to guess #23 Indiana isn’t that good either?

I don’t understand your position. Is it that a team is what they are ranked when we play them, or how they end up at the end of the year?

The real problem here is we are trying to defend home losses to the likes of W. Kentucky etc. No matter what that shows you where our program is vs where it used to be.

WK is a good team and their center (a true freshman Five Star) will be in the NBA next year… we won’t face a better center in the SEC this year.

the “real problem here” is that fans too frequently interpret posts from a binary perspective.

I’ve reread this thread several times. At no time did I see anyone stating it was perfectly acceptable (“defensible”) for the Hogs to drop a home game to an unranked opponent.

My takeaway from this thread? … the general feeling (excluding Army) is that come tournament time, when the committee looks at Arkansas’ resume, the WKU result MAY NOT show up under the “bad loss” column. (If you go back and take a look at some of the posts following that loss, you’ll see many prophesying that losing to a .500 team at home would wreck our chances at making the tourney.)

I watched Wisconsin play Iowa in Iowa City. Wisconsin like Iowa has good physical size. If Western Ky. has beaten Arkansas and Wisconsin on their home floor they are a legitimate team.

Legitimate may be a poor choice of word, but they are good team obviously. Slick Rick has amazily brought top tier talent, next level talent to Starkville MS and now to Bowling Green KY!

WKU clearly plays up…and down to whoever their opponent is. But they have more bad losses than good wins. IF they aren’t a tourney team then it’s a bad loss.

I just don’t agree with it.

I’m pretty sure when the term “bad loss” is tossed around at selection time, it has more to do whether a team is outside a certain threshold (say Top 75, Top 100, etc.) in whatever rating system is used (RPI, BPI, NET, etc.)

There are always quite a few “Top RPI/BPI/NET” teams that can’t squeeze into the Big Dance (due to auto qualifiers).

Army, I’m still waiting for your position on this?

Sorry I’m not feeling too good today.
The hogs need to play catch up and hold serve at home. That’s the first order of business. Then they need to win about 5 SEC road games and then 2 in the SEC Tournamnet. Our young hogs might sneak in but WKY and Georgia Tech need to win a lot more games than they have at this point before any of us will know anything for sure.
Losing to those 2 teams at home is what hurts so bad. Let’s revisit this the first of February.
Despite the 3 losses so far in a couple of weeks of the hogs can beat Florida, LSU, Ole Miss and Kentucky they could be in the top 25.
Ole Miss will be a hardest team to beat in the first 5 SEC games. Our young hogs still don’t know how to value a possession or control the game. They lack the killer instinct to put a team away.

Where the games were played. Our home court stings! We shouldn’t have lost to them on our home court. Period end of story. How the hogs finish could depend on how well WKY plays and GA Tech. There will be several teams across the country that end up with some head scratching losses.
I wish Swine would chime in on this.

You didn’t answer my question.

Let me try this: If we beat Indiana when they are unranked, but at the end of the season that are NC, did we beat a great team or not?

None of our losses have been “that bad”. Hell, they just weren’t wins and they all coulda/shoulda been.

Blame immaturity if you wish, but that’s the court we play on these days. Teams that beat us deal with immaturity as well.

Go Hogs! Focus, play defense and rebound!