Looks like we're now into the 50's ranking

In light of where we were 2 weeks ago, I’m ecstatic about that. We’ve now signed 12 & have 3 more committed. CSP has done a great job with almost no time to do it. If we could finish this recruiting year with a legit ranking of 35th or better, I’d consider it a smashing success. Last year’s team had more talent than its 2-10 record. I still don’t expect more than 3-4 wins next year, but a good coaching staff & a moderately successful year of recruiting ought to get us back to mediocrity* soon.

*I don’t mean “mediocrity” in a disparaging way. If we can reach 6 wins in 2021, it means we’ve at least begun an upward trend. I hope for better than that by 2022, but 4+ wins next year & 6 the next is real progress.

We haven’t signed 12. We’ve signed nine with three committed. But the general point applies.

You’re right. I misread the website. Either way, it appears we’re beginning to put together a more than respectable class.

It’s getting there. Nine is 36% of a class. We need to fill out the other 64% or get close.

I believe Ole Piss is 38th. 18 players. 0 -5star and 0-4star 18 3-star. I guess ole Kiff wasn’t the draw we thought he would be. I was guilty and I was WRONG!

The difference between Ole Miss’ class and ours is that our recruits had three extra weeks to decommit before we got a new HC on board. OM almost had LK hired as soon as Matt Luke walked out the door.

247 has OM 39th, ESPN and Rivals have them 40th.

We’re 58th at 247 at the moment, Rivals has us 71st

I must be missing one. Who is the 9th signee?

Turner was latest signee. Earlier today we scored a big win over Oregon and Nebraska for a stud JUCO DE.

Ok. That’s the one I missed. Thanks

You bet!

With a new coach and still better than USC!