Looks like we'll play the Ole Miss - Mizzou winner on Wednesday

Unless I’ve got the final standings figured out incorrectly.


You are correct. Ole Miss is the No. 7 seed; Missouri is No. 10.

Arkansas is No. 2.

not an easy game with either one OM has had our number for yrs and Mizzou has those tough LH and are a lot better on offense than when we saw them…we need to get our act together…

The thing is - and I know you understand this - but any of the “top 12” SEC teams is no bargain. There are no layups in this tournament.

absolutely no gimmies but there are teams you match up better with and neither one of those is a great matchup for us IMO.

Assuming Isaiah pitches I like our chances either way.
We did beat them both in game 1 of our series

Murphy threw game 1 last yr and I would think we would throw Wicklander especially since he only threw 44 pitches