Looks like we will be the last

SEC team to win a NC. The Viles will get their’s next year. Then the Aggies. Even Kaintucky will get one before us. We are the prettiest bridesmade in the college baseball universe. Alas, it appears we will never be the bride. It is really quite perplexing. We’ve got it all. The best facilities, traditions, fans, exposure. The continuity that comes with having just 2 coaches in 53 years. The scores of MLB alum. And yet, no nattie. Why not us?

Really bugs me that OM might win it all. We seem to get snake bit at the worst times.

Fire DVH!


You are so wrong. You need to go find another team!!

No, DVH needs to go find a couple of Corey Becks for the baseball team. So far, he can get outstanding talent but no Corey Beck type players that will come through no matter what…… Only then will we see a championship.

Guess you didn’t get the sarcasm emoji.

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That dam dropped foul fly ball in 2018. Or watched foul fly ball I should say.
Between 3 players. Oh well

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Yeah. It’s just so simple.

I wish you’d go away and find a team where the coach does everything right.


DVH has had dozens of “Corey Beck” type players players over the years. That’s another reason he has been so successful.

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Man, sometimes people open their mouth and show how little they know.

Ole Miss has a great baseball tradition and they have a lot of great players on this team.

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They have an OK baseball tradition. They have OK+ facilities. They do not however, have what we have. And we are soon, not going to have what they have. Understand, I am in no way, blaming DVH. He is one of, if not the best, coach in college baseball. We just can’t seem to get over that hump, and I don’t know why.

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Is there a good time to get snake bit? Just joking…We haven’t had our share of good luck. Maybe this baseball deal is payback for the Hunter Henry Heave which cost Ole Miss an SEC football Championship. That was a great day for me.

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It takes both skill and luck to win it all. We have the skill. Have had for several years. Just haven’t had the luck. Just because it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it won’t. No guarantee it will, but if we continue to be good, one day we are likely to experience the luck. OM played awful in March and April even though they clearly have talent. They got hot at the end. Tenn was the best team in baseball this year. Didn’t make it to Omaha

I still think it happens in 2024. That’s what the numbers are saying.

I sure hope the hugs win it all in 23 and 24. It should happen this n pairs.

We’ve had great coaching and some bad luck for sure when it comes to a baseball national title. A national title is not easy…just getting to Omaha isn’t easy. And it will continue to become more difficult as college baseball, and especially the SEC, becomes more competitive. We may not ever get that elusive during the DVH years. But we hope for the best.

I understood what you were saying and you were not throwing anyone under the bus, especially DVH. I get your frustration and had no issues with with your original post. Why not us? That will always be the question until it happens. We should always have a shot in baseball and basketball. I think Muss will win one before DVH. I hope DVH gets one here before he retires.


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