Looks like we will be seeing more of NMSU coach Chris Jans

He can keep his maroon wardrobe, just different logos.


I hadn’t heard of him before last night

Does he really have that much body of work (success)?

In Juco 159-45
College 140-43

Not bad at all

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His team seemed well coached to me. Has done well at NMS which is not a major BBall stop.

Probably a good choice. If I were making the pick, I would have gone with the Vermont coach. I’m glad MS ST isn’t going after him though.

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He wants to beat AR bad now maybe

He got fired after one season at Bowling Green when somebody posted video of him, drunk, making inappropriate comments toward a young woman. He had gone 21-12 in that one season at BGSU. He then went back to Wichita State where he had been an assistant to Gregg Marshall, and NMSU hired him from there. He was also an assistant to Porter Moser at Illinois State.

Is 12 pt Buckets coming with him or has he had enough of Sec type defense? WPS

NMS played very hard last night.I don’t know what kind of recruiter he is so we will see how he does.

Yeah I would have too…that guy can coach!

Allen is listed as a junior but he’s been out of high school for five years. In order: West Virginia; redshirt year at Wichita State (didn’t play), junior college, Nebraska, NMSU. I guess he’s got a sixth year coming.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t make the move then, nothing against him just got tired of hearing about the 37pt game. It was not likely that he could have scored 37 against anyone in back to back games and even less of a chance against our defense. Thanks, WPS

Jans is a fine coach. Coach at VT is a lifer, I think, and likely not leaving the Northeast, if at all.

Allen at W Va, who also had Tsheibwe, right? Dang, what a team. No wonder Huggins is providing color commentary this tournament - his Final Four roster transferred on him.

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They did make the Final 4 in 1970.

W VA had a fairly good player named Jerry West (Mr. Clutch).

Lou Henson was their coach for the '70 FF run. Of course he later had a lot of success at Illinois, along with the second-worst combover in the Big Ten.

2nd worst?

Yup. Gene Keady’s combover was worse than Lou Doo’s, as Dickie V used to call him.

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He is a Bucket that’s been kicked around some.