Looks like we will be facing NE

NE beating Neb 4-0 after3 and aren’t throwing their Ace.we are about to have our hands full! those guys go up there to rip the ball and thier Ace is big 6’6 guy with nasty slider and they are seeing a LH who throws a lot like Wick…very worried about this game.They are a very good team,we better bring the sticks bc they will score some runs.

Guy can’t be any better than what we ve faced all year, love our chances bring it


I agree. like our chances too but we will have to get on them early not let them get momentum.They are better than I thought.

Always have liked and enjoy all your takes, hopefully we got the SEC Tourney win hangover outta our system, defiantly need to play better for sure, but hey we won🐗


Well I may have spoke too soon Neb just hit 3 run HR now 4-3

yes I was concerned with our game bc we were throwing off but was shocked at our BP was so off,they have been lights out lately until today…

4-4 now… wow this game changed in a hurry! NE had a no-hitter until the 4th and that big three run Homer now they change picthers in Nebraska tied up…sorry spoke too soon

Huskers tied it up and both teams are in their bullpen. Hopefully deep into the pen over the next couple of hours.

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Yes! They were not touching the northeastern starter that’s why I thought the game was pretty much over, quite a comeback by the huskers so far… Tennjust walked off Wright st with a Grand slam in the bottom 9th 9 to 8

Huskers kicking butt now 7-4 Neb RH has come in and shut down NE with all their RH hitters.

Fairfield beating Ari st 5-4 in the 8th

Did Neb start their Friday starter?


Thank you sir.

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Which NE? The NE who threw off and took a 4-0 lead and saved their Kofaxian ace to drill us tomorrow?

Or, the NE that scored 7 unanswered and had a good crowd rallying them and retired 12 straight out of the pen?

Or the NE that loaded the bases in the 8th with no outs and had the tying run up?

I’m confused.

I was thinking Northeastern… they were up 4-0 and Neb had no hits but Neb has broken on top 8-6 now in the 8th… Northeastern hits LH better than RH from what I can tell because Neb brought a RH in and totally shut northeastern down for a few innings. Just jumped the gun a little there😉,sorry about that

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Yes NE is also the Post Office abbreviation for Nebraska. It’s confusing to use that abbreviation for this game. However Nebraska won 8-6

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yes I didn’t think about that until he posted that, my bad…Neb is soild club with Good Closer,hopefully we jump them early and get to our closer 1st!

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I wasn’t confused. I was making another point.

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