Looks like we ran out of pitching first

Mitchell really came back strong for them.

We didn’t really have any effective pitcher today.
Except Lee so far.
Only positive of the day, really

Spoke too soon

It’s tough on any team to a win a series when the starters go a combined five innings. You might overcome that against a bad team, but Auburn is too good to have that kind of inefficiency.

After the 6th. He just had his best inning and seemed to be getting stronger on 54 pitches.

We had an uncharacteristic fail by our starting pitching this weekend.

We are sure missing those pitchers on the DL.

We are still in good shape.

Where has Tacolini been?

If we can go 8 out of 9 in the next three series entering the finale at A&M and Auburn can slow down Mississippi State by winning 2 of 3 (at least we have the tiebreaker with State), then we may be in good standing to win the regular season. I’m more concerned with how hot State is than to worry about the tie-break with Auburn. Hard to predict the future. Not going to be easy, but nobody said it would be.

Chadwick was the one I didn’t understand today. Threw nearly 50 pitches yesterday. A lot to ask of him to come back today. Not seeing Taccollini all weekend was puzzling.

I wondered about Taccolini, too. Although, I admit he scares me anytime he comes in. Regardless, we simply struggled all weekend with pitching. I hope our lack of depth hasn’t come back to haunt us & we’ve got too many tired arms. Playing two tough games Tues & Wed probably didn’t help, but that doesn’t explain Knight & Stephan’s struggles. I was really disappointed today. I was clear early it was going to be a slugfest & I thought we could stay with them, but 5 run 6th (or was it 7th?) was a killer. Either way, we couldn’t hit their guys the way they hit ours. Just hope we can come back & maybe sweep OM & TN.

It was only 3 runs. They tacked on runs 10 & 11 in the 8th. I thought we were in trouble when only scoring one run after loading the bases with nobody out in the 2nd. Bonfield ended a couple of good opportunities with double-plays as well.

Taccolini did not pitch on the weekend. His arm was in a wrap during the game. So he’s got a sore arm, no doubt. How he heals will play a large role in the rest of the season. But, Knight, Stephan and a third starter (who ever that might be) has to get them some innings. I wonder if Kacey Murphy is about to become that Sunday starter?

Taccolini has some soreness in his forearm. Nothing serious, but they want him healthy for the stretch run so he is taking some time off. He is questionable for the Ole Miss series.

Here is more from Van Horn: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … -soreness/

You’re right. Don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote that.