Looks like we are going to finish 3rd

South Carolina getting beat by 20 with 16 minutes remaining.

We will play the winner of the Auburn/LSU vs Ole Miss game.

I counted Chickens out before they hatched. It’s now down to 8 with 10:26 left

Yeah OM is trying to let them back in. Down to 6 now.

And, we are third. Get the OM/Auburn/Misery winner around 8:30 Friday night.

It’s official:


It wouldn’t surprise me at all if it’s Auburn we get on Friday. OM beat Auburn twice, but both games went down to the wire. I’m sure glad FL is getting Vandy on Friday instead of us. It will be a big hometown crowd for Vandy. Of course, Vandy is probably not happy about getting TN on Thursday.

Vandy gets the Aggies on Thursday.

The #4 seed actually looked like the better draw for us.

Yeah, I was looking at the final standings on the SEC web site and they showed A&M . 9th and TN 10th. Clearly though, they were just showing the standings based on overall records. The Tournament bracket shows A&M 10th.

Tennessee beat A&M at College Station in the first conference game, the same night we lost to Florida at BWA. So EOE has the tiebreaker for 9th place.