Looks like UCLA going thru the same growing pains...

Similar situation, starting 0-3 and getting beat pretty badly at home by Fresno State with Fresno going up early 16-0. Only diff is that they have Chip Kelly, but just goes to show it takes some time to put in new system and turn it around. Of course SEC West makes it tougher proposition but it will be interesting to see how their season progresses vs. the Hogs.

I think chip Kelly is the main problem at UCLA.

Have you seen their recruiting? Their 2019 class is ranked 88th, with seven commits.

Not just UCLA…FSU, Nebraska, and Arizona all look terrible, too. This isn’t just an Arkansas thing.

I’ve been shocked at how inept Florida State has looked.

think jumbo knew when to leave?

No doubt. It also looks like he might have lost interest there while he was still coaching. They were bad last year, too, but at least could score a touchdown.

Yea good point on the other teams, a lot of ugly football being played by some traditional powers. We can probably add USC to the list as well, misery loves company.