Looks like this is classic

too many chiefs and no indians. On the outside looking in it looks like a cluster you know what. JCP seems to be trying to make a name and do her own thing. Bot seems to be doing their own thing. If this is screwed up it will set the program back dang near a decade. Hopefully, everyone will work together and come to a common ground and make the best hire for all.

I’m not sure I really agree. Sure, a bunch of media and rumors, “sources” and good ideas, but very little (if nothing) from anything official. TN is playing out like an episode of Real Housewives. Our athletic department has been keeping a very tight lid on this. Time will tell (day about Sunday or Monday).

But this could just be rolling along very professionally.

Or it could be a disaster … time will tell.

I believe this isn’t a valid point of view.

I haven’t see or heard anything from the AD that suggests things are going along as they should. The only thing I’ve seen that worries me is that the hiring of search firms tell me the BOT didn’t really have a plan to replace the two they fired. Regardless, if they didn’t have a plan, I don’t see a problem with what’s been done after that. The problem with an early signing date is that any school who fires or loses its HC is going to jeopardize its recruiting class. If it doesn’t get an immediate replacement, it risks even more on its recruiting class. We’re in the worse position of having to replace both an AD & an HC.

BOT fired long because Long was supporting CBB. So they fired Long and as quick as the last game was over they Fired CBB. That’s the only thing they thought about. The big money boosters were on them and they pulled the trigger.
No plan at all for what to do next. That’s pretty much show how smart they are. It makes you feel good knowing they are running the show! Not!
Maybe the BOT needs to have some house cleaning unless they are above being judged for a poor performance. If your in a position to fire people like they are and not do your good to have a plan in place to replace those people then maybe you need to look in the mirror. Fire the BOT’s too and replace them all. The big money boosters are in charge anyway.