Looks like the Zebras are doing their part...

At least they are using fouls consistently…against Arkansas…

By my count Bulldogs have shot ten free throws. We’ve shot none.

What did you expect. We won’t get any calls.

We spend too much time dribbling around the top of the key we hardly ever get to attack the goal this team is taking us totally out of our offense cuz we’re just standing around and watching somebody dribble


Miss State has a game plan–drive and create fouls, get our guys in foul trouble. It’s working. We have turned the ball over 7 times. Barford isn’t shooting well. We’ll be okay in the second half if he gets his 15-18 points and we stop the turnovers. I think they will continue to drive the lane. We just need to get some steals or charges when they do.

They have had Gafford open a few times but just didn’t throw it to him. I think they are gun shy with the way the refs are letting them play rough on their end and ticky tacky on MSU end. I wish MA would get mad or something. I hate watching any game where the stripes pick and choose.

Wow! Two fouls in a row called on State!
Sorry, one of those was a jump ball.

8-0 start in the second half. We need to get on a big run…

We are looking better. More movement and better shot selection.

Yeah, but Miss St’s extra three guys are starting to show up

30 FTs to 9? That’s just not right. SEC refs must get money on the side. Hogs should be winning going away. There has to be something done. This happens way too much to be a coincidence.

38-12 now. Absolute screw job.

Did their job, they won.

Count that up too the Zebras. They got the “W”.

40-12. Off night from Barford. Nothing from Trey or CJ. Did Dustin Thomas score? Geez

We were still in position to win but our senior guards didn’t cone through. Harford with a pushoff (never mind they did it all game) and Macon traveled (never mind the refs ignored MSU traveling)

I hated to see Beard taking the final shot. Would have prefers Macon then Barford

Don’t blame refs. We weren’t driving the ball like State was. We had our chances, we lost at free throw line. We really needed to pick up some road wins against teams like this bc the league is much better this year and State likely won’t finish top half. We have got to improve free throw shooting.

Was talking to a North Carolina fan and when I kidded him about foul disparity he said it’s because we foul a lot. We don’t stay in front of our man, we slap a lot When they drove to the basket tonight they drove right around our man with ease. We could not do that on drives. Let’s face it, mike Anderson teams just foul a lot. Now a disparity that big makes one wonder. Disappointing loss. Now play the hottest team in conference on the road. Could start 1-2 in league play.

I don’t buy the “We foul a lot” or “We didn’t drive enough”…this is practically every road game in this conference regardless of who’s playing. 40-12 in favor of the home team is not an exception in the SEC…it’s the norm.