Looks like the turf crew got shut down this morning by rain...............

…and it must be a mild afternoon because they are back at work right now. The other days they did not install turf after noon. It looks like they are trying to stay on schedule and may finish tomorrow weather permitting.

They’re currently paying turf.

And they were working at 8:30 PM on Thursday night. Looks like they will be done tomorrow.

8 trucks left, last truck for tomorrows sod arrives tonight at 11pm
So should be done by Saturday (hopefully)
There were issues cutting the sod in Tennessee yesterday due to the rain there

At 10:45 pm Thursday they were still out laying sod. Looks like maybe one truckload left to put down along the east sideline, if that. Couple of raindrops on the webcam though.

They worked to 2:00 AM and it looks like they are 99% done. It really looks great! This crew put in some really tough hours on this job to overcome a few hitches along the road.

and somehow they made time to get the sod laid over at the new Delta Gama house, too.

I assume that’s not grass on the west sideline? It’s twice as dark a green as the field. If so, I guess they’ll put the same on the East sideline?