Looks like the game is to big for Mahomes and

The almighty chiefs offense. Maybe that 49er def is as good as I’ve been saying all year

San Francisco DL is taking over the game

Seems you may have a case of premature speculation.

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For sure I did

Laughing my behind off! Good one Keef!

Haha we ll at least I’m man enough not to log out, part of the thrill of sports talking crap haha sometimes you come out looking like a rose sometimes you eat crow…Hats off to the Chiefs won’t see this 49er fan ducking what I know is coming

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Another great victory for those in the heartland of America!

Mahomes is a fourth quarter dude in the playoffs. Gotta remember that.

Can’t dispute it, sat here in Ca and watched it fall apart. Not picking up a 1st down on the 2 drives before there last chance was the killer. Pick up a 1st down or 2 strinks the game… hats off to the chiefs they stepped up we folded

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Shanahan is 0-42 in big super bowl flops of the 4th Q. He was a big part of Falxons 28-3 regurg. Still billboards and references to the 28-3 debacle. I know Shanahan was not HC but he was a lead in that choking production. Tonight he can own the whole thing and I was cheering for Dre and the Bethard kid who never saw the field. Shanahan is earning a bad rep, esp when he has Kittle at his command.

Heck of a game.

Go Chiefs!

Play of the game was the Loli pop 44 yd pass on 3rd and long how that guy got that open was just a blown coverage,without play game is over b/c SF offense had momentum and KC would have had to punt…bad break for SF

Yea the series before that I knew we were in trouble. When we were up ten I said, need 1 st downs and run clock but gave them the ball with 6 plus min to go had a bad feeling… gotta move changes at that point

I think the 49er defense started getting tired. KC ran a lot of plays

Somebody blasting young Shanahan, well look how long it took Andy Reid! Well, now he is
a Super Bowl champion HC! Good for him. And my money says Shanahan will be back.

I’m sure the def was tired, but IMO the lack of 1st downs on the 2 drives prior to the Chiefs going up 24 to 20 cost the 49ers the game. You pick up a couple 1st downs Chiefs probably don’t have time to win.

IMHO Mahomes gets credit for the win for all the obvious reasons - truly the best offensive player in the game. Shanahan gets credit for the loss for atrocious clock management and play calling at the end of the 2nd quarter and the last half of the 4th quarter. Jimmy G was not accurate on most of his throws throughout the entire game, and that clearly limited yards-after-catch for the 49er receivers. KC never shut down the 49er running game, and yet Shanahan calls passes for a QB who hasn’t thrown accurately all night! Give Andy Reid credit, he called a very solid game. Shanahan needs to man-up and do some serious reflection on his play calling in big games.

Here’s the deal on what Shanahan does, it’s play action based off the run game. KC loaded the box and stopped the run. In the process, they brought heat to hit the QB. A lot of the inaccurate passes were with someone about to hit Jimmy G. It is not a dropback passing offense. It’s a run game with play-action passing. That is the type of QB Shanahan has in Jimmy G. It’s a TE passing game, based off play-action. If the run game slows down, and it did, then the play-action isn’t going to be as effective, especially when the QB is getting hit. I don’t think San Fran punted much for the first three quarters, but didn’t get a lot of TDs out of those drives. That catches up at some point.

I get it when you say someone didn’t do well in the big game. But I remind that he did get them to the Super Bowl. They were one of the two best teams all year. Losing to the best team (and that’s KC in my opinion) and to the best QB (Mahomes) isn’t something too awful.

Mahomes was not as effective in the first three quarters. Some of that was pressure. It’s a team game. As the KC defense did better and got stops, then the 49ers D was on the field more and then couldn’t maintain the pressure. It all works together.

The best team won in my opinion. KC had more offensive weapons than 49ers. That does not take away from what I thought was a great and dominating performance that 49ers showed in the playoffs.

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BINGO mic drop :microphone:

A deep pass over thrown to a wide open 49 receiver in the closing minutes might have been the biggest snafu by the 49ers.