Looks like the door may be opening re playing other in-state Universities in Football/Hoops

Take a look at AD Yurachek’s comments in this story about the just-released 2019 Razorback Baseball Schedule.


Maybe it is time. Things have changed quite a bit.

I think this is a trial balloon. The statement limits the in-state games to schools in the UA system, which means ASU can still suck eggs. The AD makes it a little easier for the baseball team to find early season and mid-week games, and gives the non-revenue sports some leeway on scheduling. He can then gauge whether it’s worth the trouble to consider giving ASU football its welfare game sometime in the next decade.

The most intriguing part of the new policy would be for games against UALR in basketball. Daryl Walker might get to come home for a game. The UALR women’s program under Joe Foley has been good, and could be a difficult early season matchup until Neighbors gets the UA women cranked up.

I don’t think it’s time & I don’t think “times are changing.” The theory behind the policy is a sound one. Nothing changes that. If we want to make this state a multi-school fanbase where people have to choose between their alma mater & the UA or between the regional school & the UA, a whole lot of them will choose something other than the UA. I know this because I saw it happened with just the one game we played ASU in basketball 30 years ago.

Yeah, I know Ole Miss & MSU cheer for each other when they don’t play each other & there’s no warmer bond than that between Auburn fans & Bama fans except 1 week a year, but despite those exceptional circumstances, instate rivalries tend to so discord & enmity. FSU-UF, TAMU & Texas, OU & OSU, I suppose are other exceptions where everyone loves each other except for the friendly banter on game day, but I still think it’s a bad idea.

As an ASU graduate and lifelong Hog fan, I agree 100%. Well stated.

I’m 100% against playing ASU in football. There is nothing in it for Arkansas, and that’s not going to change. I think that is probably what the AD is going to hear loud enough and often enough to decide he wants just leave it alone.

I must confess it would be kind of funny to think about what the ASU people would do if the Hogs added UAPB as a rent-a-win in about ten years, but publicly and firmly stated that the policy remains the same and there won’t be any games with in-state schools not in the UA system.

I will have to disagree somewhat on the instate rivalries. Ole Miss and MSU hate each other with a passion…so does Alabama and Auburn. Few of those fans cheer for the other instate school when not playing. Alabama-Auburn is as brutal and bitter as it gets.

Luckily ASU has very little statewide support or even fan support or else our state would be like Alabama or Mississippi without the number of quality athletes.

ASU should drop down from Division I, but they refuse. Keep our foot on their necks.

Chip’s post was completely tongue in cheek. Sarcastic. He knows full well that Rebnecks and Leghumpers hate each other almost as much as Ocean Scum and War Chickens.

I don’t know what DVH has to guarantee to get someone to come take their beatings at Baum, but its nowhere near what we have to pay in football. ASU would not be able to run their baseball program for two months on what we paid them. Neither will UAPB or UALR.

I guess I don’t understand the hatred toward ASU. Did something happen in the past that caused this? I’ve only been an Arkansan since 1989. Fill me in.

Most of us who grew up near Jonesboro have experienced incredible hatred (and that’s the only word I think accurately describes it) from ASU fans & even iits officials. I grew up over thare. I finally got more than I could stomach by the time I was in high school. However, I also know there are many people who want to support both schools.

If we started playing them, those people would have a hard time supporting both. Most would choose. I know many ASU grads who contribute to the UA & are season ticket holders. It’s easy for them to be hog fans right now. That’d change if we became rivals on the field. Right now we’re only “rivals” in the minds of the die hard ASU fans.

I was at a meeting just last month wearing a shirt with a Razorback on the shirt pocket. A person I know to be a die-hard ASU fan came up & plastered a piece of tape on my shirt & said, “cover that shit up.” They only half way similed when they said it. So, do I hate ASU, yeah. You mihgt not. I have no problem with those who want to support both, but I strongly oppose the idea of playing them.

I, for one, don’t hate the Red Wolves. I wish them the best. And I think they belong in the FBS based on the success they’ve had over the last eight or so years.

I just don’t want them to do anything that harms my Beloved Razorbacks.

And there are too many recruits who have bought into the selling point that the “whole state” is behind the Hogs to throw away that pitch line for nothing by creating a rivalry with A-State. True or not, right now Arkansas coaches can sell the story that we’re a one-team state. I can’t see giving that up without a good reason.

But more power to Arkansas State as it charts its own path.

I too grew up in that part of the state and I have literally
hundreds of relatives that still live in Jonesboro and many
surrounding communities.
I believe the envy and jealousy led to and fanned the sad
and deadening bitterness that many have toward the UofA.
I do think ASU and Jonesboro have grown by leaps and
bounds from the 50’s and 60’s era from my childhood. It
may be that surge has only increased the slight divide that
was at play even then. A child at seven would not even give
rise to a thought of challenging a man of thirty; however, at
sixteen he may wonder if maybe he could take that man of
The main point is that the battle lines and divisions would
only grow if the two schools played against one another.
Nothing to gain but definitely something to lose.