Looks like the Aggies caught the measles . . .




Coach Broyles was the Athletic Director at the University of Arkansas not the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. Couldn’t you guys drop that crap just this week out of respect for a man we all loved and adored?

Not a big fan of that look, but I’ve seen worse.

Usually whatever the adults hate the kids like.

I don’t like them. I hope we beat them

Looks like Snoop Dog had something to do with designing them . . . here he is rocking the new jersey . . .

https://www.seccountry.com/texas-am/sno … -am-jersey

I couldn’t care less what they wear. Just woop A&M this year! Not just Florida A&M, either. Three years in a row I have spent my hard earned money staying in hotels, paying high ticket prices and parking fees and eating out just so I could get humiliated by those pretentious Texas A&M fans on my long walk out of Jerry’s house. I am not going this year because I’m starting to think it’s me. Plus, I’m broke.

I look forward to playing Teas A&M on the the hill when this ends in Jerry’s world. The advantage in this matchup has belonged to the Aggies ! Make them face our home fans. It is a good road trip to all the games. Why add more traveling to hogs fans! Build a stadium and then play in Dallas. Makes no sense. Play early in the year a nonconference team down there.
I hope they stop playing the Aggies in Dallas

Those Aggie jerseys look like some bad hotel carpet in Las Vegas. I hope they are wearing them when we “walk all over them” at Jerry World!

Bump for game this weekend.

Obviously, we’ve got our own problems to deal with . . . but that doesn’t change the fact that this uni is butt-ugly.