Looks Like Texas has their Man for AD

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Long Should apply for T C U job . Hasn’t, he worked with Jamie Dixon? That would be good for 4 million reasons.

Why apply? He is getting paid over $1 million to not work. If he takes a job, Arkansas is on the hook for the difference. So, if he gets paid 800k a year at say, TCU, it only benefits Arkansas because they are off the hook for the 800k. So JL in a sense would be working to pay Arkansas, not himself.

Does his contract with UofA require him to make good faith effort to regain employment? Some do, don’t know about his. And also of course, what represents “good faith” could forever be debated.

Yes it does. Sure would be great for TCU if they could get Jeff Long - he’s probably one of the few ADs with enough integrity to fire Gary Patterson if he got out of line. Would be a great opportunity for TCU to show they know that winning isn’t everything AND for Jeff to maybe get back on a national committee of some sort!

If that doesn’t work out they could always hire a couple other hot commodities we missed out on - JCP or Derrick Gragg.

He wouldn’t be able to touch Gary Patterson…

This would look great on a job application: Hire me because after all, winning isn’t everything. :sunglasses:

I can’t see any Major program hiring him after they realize he hired JLS and gave BB an extension after a very average year.

Texas finally got someone from TCU. It struck out on the football coach and baseball coach in recent years.