Looks like Tennessee had an OT hangover too

Losing at home by 10 to their former coach. What disappointed me most about last night, was the number of offensive rebounds State got, along with almost all of the loose balls. Very disappointing. I think leg heaviness, not cardio fitness, was a factor last night. Probably in both of those games. As for the zebes, I will only say this. We probably didn’t get called for any fouls that we didn’t commit. On the other hand, the bullies were not called for every foul they committed. They got away with a blatant over the back late in the game.

Officiating is horrible in the SEC! I watched a game this week that had flow and at the end of the game a team had 3 fouls to give before putting the opponent on the free throw line. We don’t get to the line when we’re fouled and on top of it when we do get to the line we don’t take advantage of it by making them.