Looks like several schools are wearing special unis for Halloween

I doubt we’re doing anything different at Aggieland, but we’ll see.

Scroll down in this one:

Speaking of Halloween, I’m in Oklahoma City for a series of dog shows. I forgot to bring anything for a costume. I said this morning that I would just go as an Arkansas fan. My friend just rolled her eyes and said, “Well that’s not a disguise.”


Also looks like Clemson’s defense came disguised as Arkansas 2019.

I think I’ll wear my 94 Apex jersey tee shirt with the giant Hogs on the shoulders. That thing is pretty scary and we’ve had some success when I wear it. I wore it to Tuscaloosa in 95 and 97. Kind of cool that my Aggie trumpet player son has been involved in our practices this week. I wonder if he will take my call tomorrow after we spank they hineys?

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