Looks like Sankey will get the 3-6 schedule. Who should Yurachek demand for our 3 rivals ------------

------------------- to swing our vote for the 3-6? I am assuming that Mizzou is mandatory due to geography and that everyone but TexAss wants to see us battle the whorns every year, so who would be the third choice?

  1. OleMissy (my #1 choice since it is a ‘should be beatable’ that jacks up fan enthusiasm)
  2. MissStake (not a big rival but ‘should be beatable’ most years)
  3. Kentucky (if someone in the east needs an opponent, they are beatable in football, and a rival in basketball.)
  4. LSU (hated rival but tougher to beat)
  5. A&M (hated rival but tougher to beat)
  6. OU (that is getting too loaded up with rivals for us but it makes geographic sense for them I guess. I think they will want A$M to maximize their presence in Texas for recruiting.)

I’ll take the floppers from Oxford myself. Next would be OU.

I have read from people who should know that the PRs will be done like this, beyond the obvious ones like Bama-Auburn and Flopnecks-Moo U:

The league will be divided into haves and have-nots, or Group A and Group B if you prefer. Group A (the haves) will get two PRs out of Group A and one out of Group B. Group B schools will get two PRs out of Group B and one out of Group A.

Group A, according to these people, is Bama, Auburn, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, LSU and A&M. Group B is, of course, everybody else, including us.

So we would get one team out of Group A and two out of Group B. Since OP is assuming we’ll get Texass (Group A) and Misery (Group B), that leaves our third PR out of Group B. And that leaves out A&M, OU and LSU. But of the remaining Group B teams, the Flopnecks are probably tops on my list.

Now haves and have-nots change over time. Some of those in Group A might not belong there in 5 or 10 years. But the SEC has changed things before; remember that we used to have SoCar and Tennessee as our PRs and now have neither.

If HY is going to make his choices based on selling tickets, it’s Texas and OU (if only because a lot of people can come over from Mobilehoma). LSU would be up there too.

This is actually a really difficult question.

Texas is a great one because they are always overly inflated in polls and even when they start to lose, it’s a slow roll down the Top 25 for them, so a win against an overrated Texas looks great, and a loss against an inflated Texas is easier on the eyes of the pollsters.

My mind is telling me A&M for similar reasons to Texas–always inflated in the polls, but they also drop like boulders when they lose their luster, so I’m not as convinced here.

I think I would rather have LSU for the constant challenge and the recruiting area.

If Mizzu is a given…Then Texas and LSU for me for recruiting purposes and historical rivalry. Would substitute Ole Pi$$ for LSU if needed.

I would like to see Texas, Missouri, and Ole Miss as permanent.

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Why is Missouri a given? Let’s go with Ole Miss, LSU and Texas. Missouri is one of the worst choices for a permanent opponent. High School Stadium, ugly uniforms, and no real rivalry with Arkansas. Is this just a deal because we are considered one of the “have-nots” in the SEC, and we are gonna get stuck with them?


That would work. Mizzou is basically a have-not. The other two are my favorite teams to hate.


The other 6 games gives plenty of high profile games for filling stadiums.
also recruiting. For me I like Texas, ole miss, and any other Group B team
Swine fusion suggested

I would be interested in how the 6 teams would be selected for each team. 3 from Group a
and 3 from Group B for us?

I’m with you Marty. Hate list in order…

  1. Texass
  2. Ole Miss
  3. Mizzou

With Texass leading like Secretariat at the Derby…. :wink:

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We are in bad shape if we need OU or LSU or A$M fans to fill our stadium for those home games. Those should be sellouts automatically with our own fans and should drive the sales of season tickets to rent-a-wins just to go to those “big” games.

Can’t work that way. Here’s why:

Let’s say our PRs are Texas, Misery and OM. That leaves the other 12 to rotate through as Bama, Auburn, Georgia, Florida, OU, LSU and A&M (Group A) and Moo U, UK, Vandy, SoCar and Tennessee (Group B). Seven of one, five of the other. And we have to play all of them every other year.

So in year one we might get three and three, but in year two then we’d have to get two Group Bs and four Group As, to get all 12 of them in the rotation.

Geography, mainly.

Battle Line Rivalry is extremely forced/contrived, but I’m starting to warm up to it. Mainly because they’ve won too often and ticked me off, plus Dorkwitz is easy to hate.


swine fusion, would this proposal be for other sports like basketball baseball track?

if so would geography and travel be a consideration?

Nope. Basketball and softball have already come out with their scheduling plans. Track has no scheduling plan; you do what you want until the conference meet.

Men’s hoops: Two permanent rivals home and home, one rotating opponent home and home, and the other 12 either home or road. We’re guessing our permanents might be Misery and OU, again due to geography, but Texas, A&M or LSU wouldn’t surprise me either. This maintains the current 18-game schedule. I’ve seen a lot of people wishing for UK as a PR, but my guess is they’ll get Tennessee and Florida under this format. Or they could go purely geographic with UT and Vandy.

Women’s hoops: One rotating opponent home and away, the other 14 either home or road. Maintains the current 16-game schedule.

Softball: Rotate 8 of the 14 teams (Vandy doesn’t have softball) each year, total of 24 games.

Soccer: Keep divisions, play three games against the other division on rotating basis. Total of 10.

Tennis: Play everybody in dual events.

If I had to guess, baseball will keep divisions and you’ll play everyone in your division and three from the other division, keeping the 30 game total. But that isn’t confirmed.

True, and with a 9-game schedule, the number of rent-a-wins gets decreased, unless the SEC drops the rule that you schedule one Power 5 team NC in addition to the league schedule. However, Matt, for one, has cited ticket sales as driving who we would want as a PR.

Right now, for instance, we have Notre Dame, A-State, Memphis and Misery State as the NC games for 2025. If we go to 3-6, one of those has to go, and I’m hoping it’s the Pink Puppies that go buh-bye.

Whatever is best for recruiting, TV exposure and $$$. Thinking Teams from Texas, Mississippi and Oklahoma. Which leaves out Missouri.
If you go by trophy games, that would be Missouri, LSU and ATM.
Neither of which fits the A and B model.
UA…Campus of Champions

Your 1, 2, and 3 points line up with my thoughts as well. Missouri is a given, I think, and probably Texas, LSU or OU.

Guy, if you’ve been paying attention to Richard’s recruiting updates lately, we’re recruiting the hell out of Missouri. Only two Miserians currently on the roster, but that’s about to change. We appear to be hitting St. Louis very hard.

Jhawg I’m hearing a rumor that Mizzou will add a wide chrome strip to their helmets. Does this change your thinking about them as a permanent opponent?