Looks like Sampson is out

Houston Chronicle reporting he’s signing his new deal today.

Maybe he was never our number one…

Disappointing if true.

I would have thought we could have beaten out pay and all more than a smaller conference situation.

You know it’s funny, someone told me they had a contact within the PTB. Swore Mike would be fired, when everyone else, including apparently the BOT, thought he would get another year. He has been saying ever since news first broke of Mike being fired and Sampson was on the list, that it wasn’t true and it wouldn’t be Sampson. If Sampson signs with Houston he is two for two.

What he said was, his Source has been saying HY has had his eye on someone younger the entire time. Everyone thinks it’s Musselman, if that’s the case the announcement should have already been made. Since no one is hearing anything, is it possible that young guy is still coaching? As in Beard.

I don’t think we have a shot at Beard, but what if he says pay me 8 million per and I’ll come. Do you think the PTB will say no, we will only give you 5?

Man nothing would please me more than Beard. So would love for this to be true. But I just don’t see it from Beard’s standpoint.

I think if you are Hunter, you swing for the bigs like Sampson perhaps Beard etc knowing long shots - and knowing the Nevada guy likely will be there to say yes no matter the wait.

We are probably down to the Nevada guy and that’s no disrespect to him.

Just want all the bigs to say no first.

If not Sampson, perhaps taking harder look at Matta if he’s healthy, maybe look at Alford to some degree, etc.

Then we say it was Nevada guy all along.

That’s assuming he was actually the target. A lot of guessing going on that hasn’t been verified.

If you have been following this whole process the one thing that remains constant is that there is very little if any credible information coming from Our AD. Everything seems to be coming from ‘outside’ sources. All of this could be BS. Intriguing to say the least.

You are correct there

I have been reluctant to mention this because I’m just not they type of guy to put stuff out there. I hate the friends of a friend type stories but what the hay…what else is there to talk about today…lol

Here it goes: My best friend works for a company that the owners all graduated from Arkansas. A month or so ago Chad Morris and some of his staff came to my best friend’s work place and hung out. They had a question and answer segment in the break room and took pictures with everyone. So I’m assuming this company must donate pretty heavy to the program.

The day CMA or the day after he was let go the coaching staff was back in town doing something at a local school. My best friend and the owners went out to hear Chad Morris speak. A staff member sat at the table with my friend and his bosses and asked what they thought about CMA being let go. My best friend loves basketball so they got to talking and he asked who he thought would be the coach. This guy was not a football coach but some type of support staff member…my friend couldn’t remember his name…but the guy says that HY is going to make Beard say no before hiring anyone else. I know, I know its a crazy he said she said story but my friend says the guy was adamant about it and that Sampson was not in the picture. He said fans and media just assumed Sampson and nobody from the UofA was going to say anything to debunk it so they could try to quietly get the coach they wanted.

If this is true I think it all went down hill when Tech made the elite 8 and then slid off a cliff when they made the final four. If Sampson is out of the picture then I would assume we would be hiring someone today. Beard is out, Sampson is out so why wait any longer? Hire the best available coach and lets get this thing going.

It’s funny how we start to rationalize things … or de-emphasize them…

The Entire last week, we haven’t doubted that if Sampson was the number 1 target…

Now that it looks like he isn’t for sure coming… now we question whether he was even on the list at all …

We got Guss’ed … I’m willing to admit it…

I wouldn’t doubt that either

Arkansas had chance with Beard…small chance but still a chance…but no stupid Gonzaga f’ed that up…no chance for Arkansas…Beard market value through the roof now…

good stuff

and the funny thing is the guy we do end up hiring the narrative will be “He was the number one guy all along” lol sad stuff

I disagree with you on this. If it’s Beard (as I said above, I doubt it) or Mark Few, would you still think Sampson was #1? Now, I don’t believe Musselman or anyone after him was number one because Musselman has expressed interest, for him not to be hired means someone else is in front of him. We will find out soon enough. If Sampson does resign with Houston today and we find out Musselman was hired this afternoon, obviously Sampson was #1, BUT if Sampson resigns and no news from Fayetteville, it means number #1 is probably still in play.

I think the UCLA job opening and perhaps TA&M are throwing some wrenches into the works, and drawing this thing out. I believe the top guys on our list are also talking to one or both of those schools.

No matter who the hire is it could be Musselman or Pat Sajak the Narrative will be pushed that “This was our number one guy”… The AD doesn’t loose in this situation, at least initially, because the new coach regardless of who it is will be given “time” to get “his players” to run his system…

This narrative will buy the AD time to at least save face while hoping his gamble pays off

there’s a time and a season for everything…Giving Mike Anderson who has done a fairly good job (not a great one), one more year would not have hurt the program more going forward but actually could have helped I rather do a turnover mid-season or at the end of the regular season, why wait until the NIT is over to make the call? You can’t pay me to believe that Hunter’s decision was based on how we faired in the NIT… But when you have pressure from both sides of the argument you sometimes make impulse decisions…If coach A would have started the 19-20 season off so-so or worse let him go make Scotty interm give yourself more time to identify your guy and go after him with all you got, you still secure a decent late spring signing class, and you have more ammo to justify your decision and get a better guage on who you want to lead your program

Here’s my personal opinion. I believe the higher ups wanted to get a coaching change already started to try and close on the 2020 class. We have studs from in state that some have feared would leave the state because of Anderson(not sure if that’s true) so you get a new guy in here to build those relationships to save the future class, that very well could help propel the program further.

I could see that being the case because Coach A and staff, for whatever reasons, have not recruited well during his tenure here

That being said there should be no legit reason not to sign a proven recruiter because I for one think recruiting is more crucial to the success of a program

And I told everyone he wouldn’t come, clearly he is in the deep pockets of UH billionaire sponsor and NBA rockets owner. In addition to having the support of Houston’s 24hrs all sports broadcasts station the whole city is behind him for the time being. I need not mention this super size talent pool to select from, what disturbs me is I guess an inexperienced AD not having a short list of candidates before firing your HC