Looks like Rhule is for sure heading to NFL

That has to bode well with Hornsby… this class could get weird and I’m all about it fellas. GHG

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I’m not following you. Hornsby makes our class weird?

I’ll accept weird if Hornsby signs with the Hogs!

Clearly, the OP means “freakishly good” type of weird.

“freakishly good” would be like a top 10 class. Are you claiming that because Rhule is going to the NFL we are going to get a top 10 class. I’m so confused.

We got the 25th ranked QB last year, but the 17th ranked QB this years is going to be better for us?

The only quarterback more popular than the backup is the one we haven’t signed yet.

Ever since Baylor had a player intentionally hurt Steve Little, I’ve never liked them.

I look forward to them losing their coach.

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Ronnie Lee

After the Baylor scandals & cover-ups that forced the ouster of their football coaching staff, AD, & their University President, Ken Starr, they have proven themselves to be the hypocrite team of the NCAA. No love lost there.

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Penalty for blasting Steve Little? Five yards for offside.

Baylor was known as the dirtiest team in the conference. Whistle? We don’t stop hitting at no steenking whistle! Heck, Jerry Clower did a routine about getting hit after the whistle at Baylor when he played at Moo U in the '50s, so it wasn’t new with Grant Teaff. (Jerry: “The meek shall inherit the earth and you just inherited a mouth full of it.”). Teaff was just more hypocritical about it.

The only time I can remember Frank Broyles ever running up the score.

Giants will have to satisfy Rhule and his need to have his own staff which the Jets failed to do last year. Giants are only gig he would want and I’m not sure the Gmen have a GM willing to concede to Rhules demands for his employment. Definitely not a done deal. I’m betting he stays at Baylor and continues to recruit medium classed even within the Little 12.

Baylor alums that I know are saying Rhule is headed to Carolina.

and ESPN…just announced it 17 minutes ago…to Carolina

Totally agree. 260 lb All-American tight end, never played on the return team before or after, goes offsides so flagrantly he hits Little just after he kicks off with his leg extended. They were trying to end his career. All they got was a five yard offside penalty and the sub kicker kicked it short. I will always hate Baylor.

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If ever a team deserved the death penalty for their recent criminal scandals & cover-ups, that would be Baylor.


Don’t forget the murder coverup on the Baptist’s basketball team under Dave Bliss.

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There wasn’t really a murder coverup. Carlton Dotson was sentenced to 35 years in prison for the death of Pat Dennahy. What did happen is that Dennahy and a teammate had been in school without a scholarship – with Bliss paying their tuition himself, because they had 13 other guys on scholarship – and Bliss tried to cover up the payments by saying Dennahy got the money by selling drugs.

I’m still steamed over that hit on Steve Little too. It was one of many cheap shots Baylor gave over the years.