Looks like rain

Forecast for storms in Chapel Hill right around game time

Could be a long day

The best chance of rain is later in the afternoon. If it’s a long game, rain might become more of an issue. If it’s a short game, there is a greater chance they will finish without interruption.

It is overcast right now, but the sun is peeking through quite a bit. It’s humid, so pop-up showers wouldn’t surprise me.

I’m pulling for overcast, maybe a little rain, no thunder.

All I see is 40% starting at 2:00 nothing at 12:00 60% at 3:00 so we should have no problem getting the game going., Doesn’t look good for completing it before it starts though, Bummer!

Hasn’t rained a drop but they cleared the stadium for lightning. I’m sitting on a wall outside the ballpark in the shade.

Watching the Tennessee game with Notre Dame. I may be old school but I hope Arkansas never acts like the Tennessee players. They are a little over the top. Probably not under current current coaches.


There is another thread on this. Clay insinuated that our Hogs have done the same things and our fans loved it.

We have not done the same things as Tennessee

I’m not saying there haven’t been moments over the years. But certainly not the continual antics the Vols do

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Totally agree, doc.

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