Looks like Oregon is big boying Kansas even without

There premire middle man. Bell is in beast mode for sure and don’t think Kansas has been manhandled like this in awhile

Bell with 8 block shots

Bell with 8 block shots[/quot

Thats how a post player takes you to a final 4…11 points 13 rebounds 8 blocks 4 assists

Oregon is a big strong team with quickness and hustle. I was most impressed with their block out and rebounding. I think KY is going to beat NC easily and get a real game from Oregon. I don’t see any of the remaining teams can beat KY. Championship to KY & SEC.

I had them picked to get to the FF, until I saw they lost a starter and I figured Kansas would get them. I also had Arizona and UCLA (yes 3 teams from the PAC-12). In the FF. After seeing the other two lose, I thought for sure the Ducks were roasted. Glad the injury didn’t slow them down, been a little underrated, in my opinion, all year.

I’ve though the makeup of Oregon’s roster for the last couple of years would be almost ideal for what CMA wants to do.