Looks like Ole Miss has

reached out to Charlie Strong…


I doubt he’d consider Ole Miss–at least if the rumors about why he wasn’t interested in coaching at Ark are true. If he coaches anywhere next year, I don’t think it’ll be there.

No one has really talked about how Ole Miss sucked this year–after all those great recruiting classes. We’re 3-0 against them the last three years. (Admittedly, they’re 2-1 against Bama. Something nobody else has accomplished.). Still, if recruiting rankings mean so much, I’d think they’d be much better. As would Tenn & UGA. Vandy would such worse than it does. It shouldn’t have been able to hang with Tenn. or Ole Miss.

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.seccountry.com/mississippi/ … oordinator”>https://www.seccountry.com/mississippi/coaching-rumors-charlie-strong-auburn-assistant-top-list-of-potential-ole-miss-defensive-coordinator</LINK_TEXT>

Thank you!

Interesting to me is that Bucky is wasting no time trying to make some corrections to a defense that was near last. I’d like to see CBB do the same.

It would seem that ship is taking on water.

Is that what you want with $10 million in our pocket?

The only reason to go there would be to be in a position to take over when Freeze is fired in the next year or 2 but I’ve never seen a coach in Strong’s situation (without any connections) jump on a middling program staring at NCAA sanctions.

Would be an upgrade from Wommack

Look for Tom Allen, the DC at Indiana and a former Freeze staffer at ASU and Ole Miss to get the DC job in Oxford.

Obviously Freeze’s cheating butt has that luxury because they aren’t going to a bowl. They apparently can’t even go under the new 5-win rule because their APR isn’t high enough.

If Strong is available and interested (2 things I highly doubt…why would he work for a 5-win cheater for free?), CBB would likely jump all over him.

You’ll recall that he coincidentally reached out to him to offer support while he was still in the employ of Tx. I missed any articles about Freeze doing that.

Dave Wommack is a good coach. He did a good job for us and the Landsharks were hell on wheels with the Nkemdiche brothers, etc. Now how much Bucky paid to get them, your guess is as good as mine.

BTW, Wommack’s first full-time coaching job was as our wide receivers coach in 1981-82 after he was a grad assistant here for two seasons. He came back to UA as a defensive assistant and then DC from 2001-04.

Beliema better not stay pat with this defensive staff. I would love to have CCS, but if not him it needs to be an upgrade from Smith.