Looks like no baseball for this year!

MLB rejected 114 proposal and did not expect to make a counter offer! Way to go guys!they may never recover from this and they will deserve everything they get!

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I fear the TV money is what rules sports now.

I hope MLB doesn’t take college baseball down with it.

Knew these pricks were going to do this. All these are overpaid prima donass. All the players have cared is for money. I’m 66 years old and lived through baseball strike after. None of the players love the game. MONEY MONEY MONEY! They make me sick!

I wish that college baseball had leadership behind it that could take advantage of a baseball fan’s desire to see kids play a game they love. The season is reasonable in length. Every game matters. Talent is extreme and getting better. Kids play for the love of the game and their school and, for every fan base, hope springs eternal before the season starts.

Hope is a good thing and sports fans need it. It would seem that the college game could get new fans and more support.

You realize the owners rejected this proposal? The players were asking for the prorated salaries of contracts signed by both parties.

You’re siding with the billionaire owners on this one?

Some people side with the billionaire owners no matter what.

If there is no MLB this year, the fault lies with both sides. I still hope they’ll come to their senses but it doesn’t look like they will.

Very bad look if MLB is the only one that doesn’t play. Wonder if it’s gonna carry over to other sports?

Is the impasse about money or how the season is to be handled due to the coronavirus? I haven’t paid much attention to this.

The “billionaires” own the companies, so they do have the ultimate say in what happens. The players don’t run MLB…the owners of the companies do. I would suspect some agreement will be reached and some type of MLB season will begin.

The owners and players came to an agreement in late March for reduced salaries because the season was going to be postponed. The owners want to reduce salaries further; players are saying we have a deal. Neither side seems to want to budge.

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IMHO, there will eventually be a counter proposal from the owners on the number of games probably between 90-100.
Once the owners realized they would have zero to very limited fans purchasing tickets they had to get this season’s salaries down further than what was negotiated in March.
Personally, I believe the MLB season at 162 games is way to long of a season and would welcome a season from now on around 100 games.
The current length of season is simply too long for the average fan to remain engaged not to mention the wear and tear on the players.

Baseball will happen, both sides are too greedy to let the giant (somewhat reduced) pie not be divided up.

A deep-stat analysis revealed that the owners were trying to retain their 2019 profit margin while asking the players to take a pay cut…all while furloughing employees and waiving minor leaguers. I’ll side with the players on this one - they would be the ones enduring the greatest health risk, too.

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I wonder how many clubs, if any, have business interruption insurance that would cover a portion of their losses? It seems to me that would be necessary for the clubs to break even, let alone, make a profit, with little to no ticket sales or food and beverage revenue.

Some of those owners get millions to allow corporate names on their stadiums, the taxpayers pay for the street improvements, sewer and water lines and things like traffic lights etc. And I suspect the TV revenue is largest of all. I think the fans are the ones suffering.

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