Looks like MSU defense did slow down ARs rushing game

but not for very much… LOL

We were averaging something like 249 yds rushing per game. We ripped into MSU for 202 today with Dom Johnson getting 100+ on 17 carries.

Here are the stats:


It seemed like Miss ST didn’t stop the rushing game! There were a few times the hogs got behind the chains by drawing flags! Also there were a few bad reads or the east west plays that went no where.
The Hogs ran for over 200 yards and KJ was efficient passing the ball. I look at this simple fact about the first half.
The Hogs had 3 scores in the first half.
Miss St had 1! They missed 2 field goals
The Hogs made 2 field goals and had 1 TD! It would have been nice to get another TD in that half.
Cut out the stupid penalties!
Here we are after a win and gripping about stats! Don’t it feel great to have 6 wins!

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Looks like they did but we also co to use to see KJ develop as a passing QB and just decision maker

Not where we want to be but I think back two years and I’m ecstatic

Not saying we are where we want to be just grateful Arkansas is a winner again

I remember thinking that we were leaving a lot of gaps in the secondary on that last series. But I also remember thinking the worst we could do was overtime, whereas if we did something crazy and gave up a long TD pass we lose right then. Fortunately the kicker shanked it (nice call by Sam to ice him, by the way).

Announcers claimed no ice. Just that we were not ready. Not sure what is true.

The throw by KJ to Chandler Morris on the last drive was perfection. It showed what kid of passer he is developing into. KJ will be a monster next year.

Tyson. If he was throwing to Chandler, that’d be quite a story.

Chandler had a great game despite being the son of you know who:

Gene Chizik and the guys on SEC final sang Briles’s praises last night.

Correct! I had just read the post on Chandler and had it stuck in my brain I guess.

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