Looks Like Morris and the AD Have Their First Incident

I saw this posted on Facebook:

http://katv.com/news/local/university-o … ll-players

Good. Football players fighting frat boys. The way it’s been on college campuses since the beginning of time. Maybe this is the first sign of the return to winning football.

But what if they lost the fight? lol!

Well, you’re right. And here I was feeling good about this. Hopefully it was “hammer down” and swift disposal of the frat guys.

I want some DAWGS on my team. They were too soft under Bert.

Someone spilled hunch punch on the wrong guys shoes.

Sounds like four football guys were there.

There’s a video that was put on the internet already. I’ve seen it, and to me it looks like 1 guy is probably going to get in trouble. Easy to identify the other players but can’t tell for sure who the main one is.

Yeah, haha. Pretty funny. These guys are already big and athletic and then get professional guidance in training their bodies year round, paid by the University. Then they go use that to assault somebody’s kid to the point of putting them in the hospital. That’s criminal level violence - not a little “dust up” at the frat house. Hope whoever did it gets exactly what they deserve, and it’s not just getting kicked off the football team.

Depends on if the frat guy started it. It football player was responding to some idiot that wanted to do something to him then he had it coming.

Whoever did it may have very well got what he deserved.

None of us know the story, the frat guy could’ve gotten it because he was running his mouth to the wrong person. Lesson learned if so. Time will tell.

Last time I checked, running one’s mouth doesn’t translate into a trip to the hospital. Since none of us knows what happened, it would be best not to cast aspirsions in either direction.

Sounds like maybe things have gotten to be too much fun with the team and not so much with the serious side. Maybe it is time for the players to be reminded just who they are and what they represent.

Now is when we begin to learn where this coach and staff stand and how far they bend. I expect they run a pretty tight ship when it comes to this kind of stuff. This is not the way to open up scholarships, but do what is necessary.

When The Old Ball Coach was at Florida several of his offensive lineman went to a frat party and got the hell beat out of them. When asked what he was going to do about it, Coach said he was going down to the frat house to recruit.

If they were beating up KAs I think we can call it public service.

People go to the hospital over a broken pinky. Running a mouth can certainly get you sent there, I’ve seen it many times.

If you think they weren’t going to frat parties under Bielema I’m not sure what you’re smoking. My sons in a fraternity up there, (Not a KA) and he says they are more of a regular than the girls. He also told me the guys involved in this a some of the most frequent goers. Nothing wrong with that, I know we all had a good time in college. I know a lot of us had scuffles too, some bad some not so bad. Boys will be boys.

This is probably nothing to worry about unless the fight was about something bad. A fight by it’s self is nothing for college boys.


If they were beating up KAs I think we can call it public service.

[/quote] were the KA’s dressed in their Confederate unis in the video?


Wait, I didnt think about this at first until you brought this up- what are black players expecting if they go into a KA house? This is crazy and a case of sticking your hand in the fire and complaining when it burns. Dumb.