Looks like leghumpers are headed back to Starkvegas

They’re down 8-1 with TN batting in B6. Not sure if that will cost them a top 8 seed, but 0-2 is not a good look. I hate it. I’d hoped to see TN sent packing.

What is this Starkvegas crap? A place that looks like the back of an old radio does not need to be called Starkvegas.

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Jeff, it’s been called Starkvegas because it’s the opposite. Stark is the right modifier, too.

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Kind of in the same vein as “Fayettenam” in my book…just some random nickname that caught on with a lot of folks…

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Kind of interesting that Jeff, of all people, is questioning nicknames. :rofl:


The Leghumpers have embraced that nickname too. I think it’s even painted on the floor at the Hump. I guess they think it will fool recruits.

The leghumpers are having a miserable showing in the tournament. Amazing number of hits and runs they gave up to Florida.

If Moo U likes the nickname, I don’t. If they hated it, I’d be all over it. Personally I prefer Stankvomit to describe the seat of Oktibbeha County.

Oh this is rich

I think Mississippi State is in good shape to be a top-8 seed.

Borderline. RPI dropped to 9 after losing to Florida and Tennessee. RPI isn’t the be-all end-all, but two and through – with both by mercy rule – at Hoover doesn’t help. Stanford or ECU might jump over them.

I don’t think the committee uses league tournaments as a measurement tool. But it was not a good look for State.

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Yes headed home where they can get an extra 3-4 days rest before the NCAAs begin compared to those going deeper in their conference tourneys. I can see some advantages there.

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I’ve heard it called “Starkvegas” before but back when I was in college, it wanna say it was called Stankville.

I’ve heard it called several things. I guess I could have just said “Bulldogs headed back to Starkville” & avoided the distraction.

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