looks like Kenley going to have to play 3B

Martin has no clue! and wilson is the reason were not ahead now!!


They have to figure out how to shore up the IF defense but Martin’s bat and speed play. They aren’t going to bury a guy that should be a Freshman AA and has legit All SEC potential in the not-too-distant future.

But, they do have to get the defense cleaned up.

My guess us he goes to a 4-man outfield rotation while also platooning Shaddy and Bonfield some at DH. That keeps Bonfield and Shaddy in the lineup, mostly, and gets Martin his ABs.

I hate the errors as much as anyone. Certainly if someone is prone to them or doesn’t get to the ball well enough, we need to look at who can replace him, but l’m afraid we’re too inclined to measure these kids by the standards of the major leagues. They’re not. Some who are great hitters aren’t great fielders & vice versa. It’s a difficult balance to strike. I’m sure DVH knows the problem & can find the best solution.

Martin has made some plays at third others can’t make. So I bet he can figure it out. If he hits, he plays.

Martin has looked really good at third to me, especially on bunts hit his way. He has two errors in 23 games as a freshman. That is not bad.

time will tell on martin I just don’t think he looks comfortable…love his bat especially if he learns go the other way but right now I don’t trust his glove or his arm at 3B but we will see.

Errors only seem to matter in close games we lose. So, when the bats are a bit silenced (or we leave runners at 2nd and 3rd), those fielding errors seem to get magnified.

Dave today on Casey Martin:

“We have an inexperienced third baseman who has all kinds of talent, but he’s a freshman and he’s going to make a few mistakes. It’s give and take.”

I can sure live with that.