Looks like Jack Lindsey won the starting QB job today

Hard to beat perfection. :wink:

Ha! I got to cover him his senior year at Springdale. He’s made huge strides since he was a junior at Fayetteville. Put on weight between his junior and senior year and his dad told me today he’s gained 25 pounds since he got to campus.

Great kid. Super polite. Obviously he comes from a legacy family, but he can play. He’s looked sharp, aside from a botched snap, the last 2 weeks. Obviously that’s against the third-teamers, but he’s come a long way.

Good to hear. I still have nightmares about that drive in Columbia SC many years ago when three of our QB’s went down. And then there were the QB’s who came from the frat league and the band. Quality depth at quarterback isn’t important until you need it.

He threw some very nice passes. I really admire kids that walk on and keep plugging along.