Looks like it's going to be stinking LSU

I hate them because they seem to have our number we will see there Ace Hess they seem to think and he gave us a hard time the first time hopefully Campbell’s on his game and we can punch Out 3-4 runs. But I would rather play anybody than them. Will be like playing in Baton Rouge

They haven’t thrown Hess yet in the tournament?

He threw three innings on Tuesday

Hess has ready pitched and so has Hilliard. LSU has used everyone on their pitching staff! I hope Florida come back and ties it up and they play all night until daylight.
They may end up having a delay for fog!

If that is the case would LSU really throw one of their top starters a 2nd time in the tournament on 3 days rest? Maybe winning the SEC tournament is a big deal to LSU?

I doubt they throw Hess. He threw 50 pitches so if he pitches it won’t be long. They’ve also thrown Hillyard. And, their closer has thrown a bunch. Their potential 3rd starter, who has good stuff and is young and inconsistent, threw and threw well tonight against Fla.

They’ll have to burn at least another pitcher to finish the Fla game. If Fla scores to extend the game they’ll have to use more.

I’m not saying we will win, but things set up very well for us.

I don’t know for certain they would throw hess the SEC now guys were just saying they would have him. So I just took that ask them thinking they thought they would.

What has happened to Florida? Are they playing back ups? Lost 6 of 7?

A&M and LSU have the momentum,

I hate playing LSU, too but would be sweet to beat them

I wonder if this tourney drains teams, we’ve been in hotels for nine days !

It’s very hard to Peak at the right time they are going through a little time to where they’re not getting the hits and getting the pitching like they have but you let them win next weekend in the Regionals and they will be right back on form… I think we will be fine once we get back home and can settle in for a couple of days we will be excited to host the regional just got to protect at home turf like we have all year and not let somebody upset us that would be terrible

Watching our game vs FL yesterday, the announcers said it does.

What worries me is what if we win today? Won’t we have to burn one of our pitchers tomorrow?

I think we are gonna thump LSU. This is our year

Amen, it’s time to stomp them because we are a much better team and they have played a lot more ball this week than us… no excuses or prisoners.

Oh how I would love that!! All we have to do is keep from beating ourselves that’s what we usually do with we play them sorry suckers.

We beat Hess in Baton Rouge, and his ERA isn’t good. Campbell has to step up though.