Looks like going to be a bull pen game

Both pitchers are very sharp. Love what I’m seeing from Noland and looks like Ginn has settled in too.

No pitch count on the broadcast.

I wonder where that stands?

I really would not be surprised if Connor’s thrown more than 55 pitches. Same for him

According to the UA live stats page, 65 pitches through five innings for Noland. Ginn’s thrown 47 through four innings.

Yeah, that’s annoying. I enjoy keeping up with that to see about how much is left for a pitcher. Wonder why it’s not displayed?

Where are you getting that info, Jeff?

UA live stats page. Ginn is at 60 as I type


Thanks Jeff, very helpful.

To see the pitch count, click home stats and visitors stats. The line for each pitcher includes pitch count.

Love Opitz! That guy is a ball player!!

They’re playing Baby Shark on the PA???

Take one in your back for the RBI! Way to go McFarland!

Love it! We will take all the help you want to give us!!

Nesbit with the big fly!!!

Bye bye!! Three-run bomb by Nesbit!!!

I’m starting to really enjoy today’s game. This is fun

Awesome inning!! Loved the heck out of that!!

Although I kinda hate it for Dom, it’s usually a good sign when 1 player makes both the 1st & 3rd out in one inning.