Looks like Florida

has or is about to offer DE commit John Mincey. That’s just two hours away from his house.

I assume it is hard for us to compete with an elite school in their backyard when that school appears serious again.

I think there’s a reason he could stick. We’ll see.

This has happened a lot with Florida commits over the last few years. I’m ready to head to Texas.

Same can happen in Texas.

Fewer big time programs to leapfrog between here and TX than here and FL - certainly fewer SEC schools - which makes a big difference.

Just about every school in the country recruits Texas. Same can be said about Fla.

Yep, just about everyone recruits FL and just about everyone recruits TX… and the ones that are closer (or in) FL or TX have an advantage over the ones that are farther away. And… there are a lot more big time programs geographically closer to FL than AR as compared to those that are closer to TX - which matters - unless we disagree that proximity matters.

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of regular students (nonathletes) that are from Texas at UA. Very few (if any) from Florida.

Obviously, recruiting TX is easier than recruiting Florida and we should have been spending more time there years ago.

Can you address this Richard? I know we have some help at the school and rumors that coach John Scott will be re hired by Chavis… What you think or hear ??

Will share when I can.

The defensive hire can solve this.