Looks like DVH has dialed up his portal recruiting --------------

------------------ to see if he can have the type of impact class of newcomers like A&M, Ole Miss, and others did last year. We did well with Turner and Lanzilli but it looks like he will bring in a lot more than that this year. I think it is very telling to see where our portal transfer-ins are coming from and where our transfer-outs are going to. When the players leaving because they don’t see a chance to play much are going to two or your conference rivals, Texass (soon to be) and Mizzou, that is a good sign for the future. With our tradition, facilities, and coaching, we should be hard to beat in the race for talent in the portal. Go Hogs.


DVH is very competitive and like Muss he will find a way to get some players for his squads . His program is very attractive to those looking for chance to shine on big stage.


To compare years past just how good are these kids coming in??
Match them all up to say the last 4-5 years.

We need some veteran leadership.

A good start would be with Conner.

NOTE-- Could we have a breakdown of 3 categories

when the staff has the roster close then a 3 part articles would be great!!

actually it seems he is returning to the 2 year option of JC kids. Seems that baseball at lesser conferences and JC is competitive enough to transfer to the SEC and succeed. Instead of 1 year then you are getting 2 or 3 years and system continuity, of course that was stated based on graduate transfers and not the kind that LSU is poaching for 3 years… DVH gonna do what DVH wants to do and if there is a comparable in the SEC then it is Bianco at Olemissy, but DVH will not get many more Omaha championship chances so best be ready when (if) the opportunity arises again. 2021 talent was superior but slumps/glitches at the wrong time derailed the express. I think DVH does better with overachievers and would be happy for that to be our final assemblage next year.

Fall ball will be especially interesting and crucial this year. Getting all of the new parts synchronized will be a challenge for Van Horn and his staff. It could be the kind of spectacle that would draw more folks out than usual, if only to learn the new players. Fun times.

What happened to UA’s #5 recruiting class? What holes are there that need to be plugged by the portal? Pitching and catchers?
UA…Campus of Champions

Really hasn’t brought much in from the transfer portal so far. The kid from Creighton is going to be very good but outside of that none of the ones we’re bringing in are the quality of what LSU is bringing in for sure. I would suspect Texas A&M is doing real well too, Mississippi state has brought in a few but nothing Earth shattering from them either. We will see how things go in the next few weeks. I’ve been a little bit disappointed so far in the transfer portal.

Coach will get it done, one way or another. The 2016 season was obviously an exception to the rule.

The past 6 Razorback teams have generally been very good. Most of those teams had better overall hitting and defense than overall pitching.

How good the hitting and defense will be in 2023 is a big unknown. Stovall is the only holdover. That’s very different from most of the past 6 teams.

It seems like JUCO transfers are generally hit or miss. (Portal transfers tend to be easier to count on for production). There are several examples of JUCO transfers that elevated teams to another level. Several examples of ones that didn’t.

Pitching, though, should be solid. Could be great. Smith, Tygart, and McEntire are a good start. Does Morris return? Can Wiggins make a “Connor Noland-like” improvement next year? Does Conner come back? Does Ledbetter make a big jump? Which of the true freshmen and transfers are studs?

Lots of questions, yes. But one thing isn’t a question…. Can Coach and his staff get it done?

Should be a very interesting fall.

I really like what I saw of Ledbetter, throwing strikes with 95 FB and filthy CB,has a chance to be really good!! I think Morris comes back,Wiggins will get a shot to close probabaly bc he’s usually good for 1 inning…I am shocked we are bringing in so many JUCO’S bc you just have not idea what they are going to do but unless the TP brings us a couple of good Players we are going to live and die with them… P Skeenes from Air force will visit and is a stud! and we would be lucky to get him but LSU and MSU are both in hot pursuit of him as well so we will see.

We’ll have a very Muss-like “turned-over” team next year. Not a lot of names people know. Yes, it will be very interesting to watch and contrast to the last couple of teams.

Brady Slavens, Brayden Webb, and Julian Battles all came from community colleges to Arkansas. I’d say those worked out well the past couple of years.


Yes, and Matt Goodheart was another good JUCO transfer as well.

Then there are examples like Landry Wilkerson, who was projected by many this time last year to be a regular in the outfield this past season.

Jalen Battles.

They did indeed and we’re going to have several of these do the same thing if we’re going to keep our run going to Omaha. We’re bringing in 10 so our odds of finding two or three that can play you would think would be pretty good but like I said there’s just now way to tell about JUCO players. Fingers crossed that we can do it.

With those numbers of Juco’s coming in. If 40% make an impact its a successful haul.

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Something I’ve noticed is that a number of the JUCO transfers originally signed to play Division I baseball, including at some good programs. Caleb Cali began at Florida State, Cody Adcock began at Ole Miss, Harold Coll was committed to North Carolina (not sure if he signed), Isaac Webb signed with Oklahoma and Peyton Holt signed with Louisiana-Lafayette.

Hunter Hollan was previously committed to TCU.


Hunter Grimes has played at UTSA as well.

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