Looks like DB will have a pretty fresh BP

Tonight. The starter has taken them through 7 innings. With this 6 run lead, they may try to get him a complete game. I’d hoped for extra innings & something like a 9-8 score. This has been too easy for DB to suit me.

Today’s game helped but they were taxed quite a bit Friday and Saturday. A writer from another site tweeted who they have used and it has been a lot and Los of their top guys. They need their starter tonight to do well.

They’ve thrown 9 guys already. They seem to have 3 guys left who haven’t thrown.

Their top starters are burned. And, of the 9 they have used, 5 have thrown at least 47 pitches and another (who looks to me to be the closer) has thrown twice. He only threw 5 pitches Fri and 16 today. But, having to get hot and then throw live bullets matters.

In order to win this Regional I think DBU is really going to have to swing the bats and/or have tonight’s starter go deep.

I think with a completely rested pen, DVH is going to have a very short leash with Campbell.

Let’s hope the leash is used on Campbell before he has lost his command! I’ll take our bull pen and pitching over what they have left.

If Campbell doesn’t quit nibbling we’ll be going to our BP very early.