Looks like Creighton 1.5 point favorite

Will be a tough one without NSJ. Go Hogs.

Just another shot to get used to playing together as a team. The hope the hogs win its a chance for a good win!

I went back and watched the Creighton game, Muss’ defensive game plan better be really good for this game. 3 defense needs to extend out to the volleyball line on the court. They were bombing away from behind that line.

Athletically they don’t match up well with us, but if we start the game with a bunch of turnovers it could turn into a life lesson for this team. We need to win the turnover battle imo.


Watching the TT game, I think that Creighton might actually be a little better matchup than TT is but hard to say. They are both really really good.

These early season games favor the team that has played together longer. I think that’s why Creighton beat TT, and why tonight’s game will be tough for the young Hogs.

Should the Hogs win tonight…then Wow.

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I would agree with that analysis. . . . I think its going to be a great team. I’ve seen zero back down from these hogs. They battle and are tough, look for it to be close.

We need to start the game better offensively than we have all season if we want to beat Creighton. We also need the Brazile of the previous 3 games to show up in order to beat them.

I’ve heard all the reasons that Muss likes bringing him off the bench, but I still struggle understanding why he chose Trevon to be that “starter off the bench”. Maybe pick another starter to come off the bench, like Devo, Ricky, or Jordan?

This will be our great defense against their great offense but Creighton is a great defensive team as well, put a lot of pressure on the ball and you basically get nothing around the goal because they put Goliath right there at the rim. This will be a game we have to win somehow getting them to turn the ball over which they only average 8 a game.
This is going to be a very tough game and we can’t afford to get off to a slow start or go through stretches where we go 5-6 minutes without scoring, game will be over if we do that. Looking forward to seeing how we do. Need a big game from AB again, Brazile, Council,Devo.Go Hogs WPS

Correct Youda. Our young bucks are going to have to show their athleticism tonight for sure. I hope TB get to see how agile their 7-footer is, blow past him a few times!

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Creighton big guy Kalkbrenner is a game time decision on whether or not he plays, what I’m reading anyways.

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