Looks like Clay Moser will go

here: https://www.fiba.basketball/europe/u18/2019 this week during the evaluation period.


Anyone that we know of that he may have his eyes on? Or what classes these kids may be in?

I tried to look up some international youngsters, I found a FIBA U19 group, but I believe the U18 group is different players. The one I found had the five top prospects, 1. Kai Sotto (17 - 7’2) game described as Porzingis with Yao Ming expected height by time the growing is done - he’s from the Philippines and will not be in this tournaments. 2. Jalen Green (Class of 2020) USA not playing in this tourney (keeps being compared to Kobe). 3. Joel Ayayi (currently enrolled at Gonzaga)

The other two MAY BE in this tourney:

Arturs Zagars - Latvia - 6’2 PG - averages 18.9 PPG, 6.3 APG, 44%3PT

Marko Pecarski - Serbia - 6’8 C - averages 24 PPG, 10 RPG, 44% 3PT - was last year’s European U18 MVP

I don’t know if these are who he is looking at, but these are the “Top 5” FIBA U19 guys I can find

Found a few more U18 guys:

Nico Mannion - Italy
Kurt-Curry Wegscheider - Central Africa Republic (not in this tourney)
Jovan Kljajic - Montenegro

Again, don’t know if any of these guys are in this tourney, but it’s a list FIBA has of best 21 under 21. These guys are the only ones under 18.

I found a few lists of FIBA 21 under 21 and FIBA Top 5 prospects U19. Only about 4 might be playing in this particular tourney. BUT, I don’t know if those four are who Moser will be looking at. As for classes, I’m finding ages between 16-18 so I’m assuming probably 20, 21, & 22 classes

Good work Mr.Bakedhog sir.

I don’t remember any of our staffs recruiting overseas; Rimac fell into our lap in Fayetteville and we’ve had a couple of Canadian kids, and some other exchange students, but nobody who lived in Europe or Africa. Or did I miss that?

I think you’re correct. I know Gonzaga got two players from this tournament last year, so I don’t mind seeing if we may get some

Anderson went after that big kid from France.

What big kid? And was he an exchange student?

I think he’s talking about Kapita.

Kapita is from the DRC, but he was supposed to have signed a deal to play in France, before ending up at NC St

No, I believe this player played for the the French national under 18 team and ended up signing with a French club.

Do you remember the year?

I’ll admit I don’t follow all the nuts and bolts of recruiting, but I don’t recall anything or anyone like this. Kapita was an exchange student, attending a school in Florida.

Yeah, and when he didn’t qualify they said he signed with a foreign (I thought they said French) club. That why I thought it was him. I went through the offer list on 247, but I didn’t see anyone from France, though a few players went to some of the prep schools, and that was listed as their hometown

I know and remember Kapita. Not confusing him. The French big man got noticed at a “U.S. v The World” type tourney and drew the Hogs’ interest. It ended being a come to U.S. or play pro ball in Europe decision. I can’t remember his name tho.

Do you remember around what year? Sure it was under CMA and maybe not before? Wait, you sure it was a big man and not a wing? While typing a response and looking at your post, “it was a wing” popped into my head.

Mouhammadou Jaiteh, 20, C, France (6’11, 249)

That’s it. He is the guy. It was under CMA.

Name is not familiar at all. I found him easily enough by Googling, but nothing connecting him to Arkansas or CMA. However, I’ll take your word for it. His Wikipedia page mentions he was recruited by UConn, Va Tech, Gonzaga and Washington, but not us.