Looks like CBB wins

He won’t have to coach for the next 4 years and will be paid millions. Well done. JL will be hired swiftly elsewhere and we will still be losers.

We’ve been losers for 6 years now, can’t get much worse.

We may not be better off without JL, but we will be better off without CBB.

Probably, but what does that have to with my post?

What does it not have to do with your post?

You’re talking about how JL and Bret are the winners, and we are the losers.

Brets bank may win, but his reputation does not.
JL same way, although he will certainly find a great job soon.

We now can fix the mess if the right folks are put in charge.

So you agree that CBB will be paid millions and not have to work and JL will find another job quickly and we will still have a losin season this year, right. Tell me how CBB doesn’t win and we aren’t losers?

he gets his buy out less any money he makes elsewhere. i don’t expect him to sit at home and eat cheetos and watch soap operas all day.

Lol, I can totally picture that scenario though!! He looks like a guy that appreciates a good Cheeto.

Of course he does just like every coach that gets fired.

We may lose financially, but that’s part of it, Long shouldn’t have given him an extension.

We now get to make a new hire who hopefully will be able to win, unlike Bret. His coaching reputation took a hit, it was easy to see his preparation, development, and in game coaching was very poor. Things were much easier at Wisconsin, inheriting a great program with Alvarez there every step of the way.

Look for Brett to begin a new career as a Color man on ESPN or even a studio analyst.

I think you are right about the ESPN, why should he coach for a few years?

If he is fired (which I assume he will be) ask CBB if he thinks it is a “win.” I would think he would say no.

Will UofA “still be losers”? Yet to be seen. A new coach might turn us around next year (see 1998).

Do I think it was a good move to fire Long? No.

The mess is the football program, the others are very much improved. I agree with other posters that this is more about winning in football than the direction of the university. Personally I don’t care who the next AD or Coach is, sooner or later, the same ones always crying for a new coach will start crying for a new coach. It is what it is. They need to act quickly on the coach. There are other openings out there. This " I have a friend of a friend who said his second cousin on this wife’s side told him the next coach is going to be _______(fill in the blank) has become comical. JMO :smiley:

He will be good on TV. If you’ve watched him on SEC Network etc. when they’ve brought him in for commentary gigs he’s been good. He will have fewer hours, less stress, and see his family more. He will get all his buyout money while doing that, so I expect him to take a year or two before he even thinks about getting another coaching job.

If he does go back into coaching, I would expect it will be at a Big Ten school, though I suppose it might be somewhere in Florida. But I suspect that he will find out he likes doing TV better, and I am really sure his wife will like it better.

I don’t think anyone wins. It’s kind of a sad day. Divorce is never pretty or pleasant.

Winning and CBB shouldn’t be in the same sentence… with a new coach we can at least have a flash of hope something good will happen in the not too distant future.

If you think Gus is an improvement, I have some land for you.

I am a huge fan of CBB personally and have great respect for the way he runs our program and leads our athletes. I have been and remain on board with him getting another year. With so many top jobs open, the competition for coaches promises to be fierce. A new hire has additional risk and could land our program in a less desirable state. I have read the board and have yet to hear a possible name that most fans are willing to get behind.

I will wait to see what happens but I struggle to see how firing Jeff Long is a win for our university or football program. There may be more to the story but the timing of this decision seems especially bad. If this is a response to a few power brokers, then I am even more disappointed.

All said, I remain a loyal Razorback fan. Go Hogs!!