Looks like Burks may be falling a bit on some boards

But it just takes one to like you enough to draft you in the top half of the first round.

Listen to the comments in this video.

have heard and now read about concerns for his weight, therefore must have been to his benefit to show up to Indy lighter than he finished this year. His starting stance in the 40 looked awkward. Not a track star and not much potential to be one.

It’s his own fault if his weight is an issue. I like him as a player. He’s great. But the NFL will tend to nitpick, with good reason. They are committing millions of dollars to these men.

Possible to switch to TE?

Falling a bit might give him a better chance at a great career. Seems the teams with the best QBs will be drafting lower in the round. His game film has proven him to be an elite WR. No way he changes position.

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Those hands! He’ll be arite!

He’s not going to be a tight end. If someone puts him there, need to have head checked.

Just watch A&M and Alabama tapes again. Or Ole Miss. or Missouri. He is a wide receiver.


Burks is a football player. He is very good and has proven it against the best college has to offer. Barring significant injury he will continue to be a very good player for years to come.
The team that drafts him will be fortunate indeed.
Plenty fast - plenty big - smart and tough. I’d take him in a fully padded race against most - and expect him to come down with most of the balls against those he can’t separate from.
We will see how it goes - but I would take him if I needed a receiver.

It is during this process that teams leak warts and talk badly about players. Some do it to throw others off the sweet scent of a great player. It generally does not work.

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I’m pulling for Burks. It’s up to him to work like a Jerry Rice if he wants to be thought of in a great way…

Don’t kill the messenger…just posting info that’s out there.

Which probably means the Jets will take him.

Listening to Siruis XM. Those guys were projecting him as the second WR taken in the draft

The underwear olympics will not determine his draft status. Listen to Moving the Chains on Satellite and Pat Kerwin says it straight up that it’s about interviews and film along with in person scouting.

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That’s it. And all it takes is One Team…

The combine numbers for Burks are disappointing.

For reference, Matt Jones had mind popping stats at the combine- 6’6", 245 lbs, 4.37 40, a 39" vertical, and a 6.62 cone drill. Burks was 4.55/ 33" vert/ 7.28 3 cone.

It makes one wonder if he was really in shape for the combine and what training he did.
Without a doubt, that total performance hurts him. Maybe he can shake it off and redo the drills here and improve considerably. His strength needs to stand out too, which we haven’t seen.

Todd McShay redid his board after the Russell Wilson trade yesterday. He now has Burks going to the Raiders.

Raiders? O My goodness.

BTW has the Raiders ownership improved as in the past…

There will be a smart team that does not deviate from its plan of putting most stock in his play on field.

Burks only did 12 reps on the bench press on pro day today… very shocked by that hammonds did 14. He did not run the 40. I still think he goes in the first round but he did not test as good as I thought he would.