Looks like Brenden Jordan

will announce on Sunday. Deciding from Hogs, Texas Tech and Arizona.

Out of those three schools you would have to like our chances… but I would think that the Texas game was a whole lot better than “pretty good”. I would like to know what his definition is great if that is only pretty good… hopefully we can get him

A month ago, I felt very confident about Arkansas’ chances.

I think Bowman is going to be a very good recruiter but he hasn’t had chance to get to know Brenden very long.

Still won’t be shocking to see him be a Hog though. Will do some digging.

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Yes Bowman has a very outgoing personality and I think that’s going to play very well to recruits. The videos I’ve seen of him coaching on the field he is very Hands-On very technique-oriented and I think that will be a big plus to the recruits knowing that they’re going to be coached that way. I think Carter was the same way but he does not have the same personality as Bowman based on what I’ve seen and heard

Afraid he’s Texas Tech bound.

What makes you think that?

His recruiter at Arkansas is gone and Texas Tech insiders very confident.

Joey McGuire is very highly thought of amongst HS coaches in TX. I think he’ll do a great job of recruiting that state. Better than Tech has historically done.

I think Bowman will be a great recruiter and we are obviously a better program right now…if he wants to play against the best he will come to the SEC. We will see

I believe jackson is correct on this one. In short run losing Carter is gonna hurt on recruiting trail. Née guy has got to get plugged in quickly.

Will chime in after he announces.

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Code words for he’s Tech bound, haha.


I wouldn’t see anything funny about him choosing Texas tech. But if he does, it’s his his life,he wants to turn down a chance to play the best conference in the country so be it.

It’s a response to RD’s “chime in” remark,

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His position coach wouldn’t have been Carter. Odom coaches the safeties. And Odom is listed as Brenden’s recruiter on 247.

Don’t know if Carter was actually his primary contact or if he was a major reason Brenden was interested in the Hogs.

Sure Barry is heavily involved but Jordan said Carter.

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