Looks like big (good) news for Hogs

with 4* WR Ketron Jackson!

Looks like something positive happened today! Seeing some CB’s to Arkansas today!

Where are you guys getting all this inside information?

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From 247 Sports. Yesterday a national 247 recruiter, a Texas insider, and a TCU insider all predicted Jackson to the Hogs. (This is not 247 insider info. - I’m not a member and can pull up this info. so it should be fine for me to post it.)

Has K Jackson said when he will commit?

Once this is over with, I’ll tell why I posted on Aug. 13 that I thought Ketron was coming. The source is very good and one I’ve trusted for years and his accuracy is very, very high.

After his March 7 visit things were trending towards Arkansas until his visit to Austin recently when several sources seem to think he would be a Horn.

The skill pieces of the puzzle for this offense are getting in place… Need to bring in some great OL to make this take off. We have not gotten that so far, we need to bring you in 2-3 great ones before next year if we have the space.

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