Looks like Bielema is already up to some old tricks at Illinois

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I’m enjoying watching The Bert do his thing in Champagne…. enjoying it very much.

That was like listening to finger nails scratching a chalkboard.

Do you mean Champaign–the city in Illinois that’s the home of UI–or champagne, the bubbly French wine? I suppose either could apply, but I wasn’t sure which you meant.

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Wow! How to make friends and influence people-not!

don’t often hear a coach just trash his own players, and the former coaches, like that.



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That sounds a little like Almethjnf Chad Morris did! I think CBB is a little ahead of Morris as a coach!

Well, I meant Champaign-Urbana, but when Northwestern drops The Fighting Berts to 2-10 in the season finale I’ll chuckle, open a bottle of champagne, and toast the purple clad Wildcats from Evanston.


I’m still cringing.

Now come on jackson, you know you’ll be drinking Tito’s instead of champagne. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


The thing about listening to that stuff from Bielema, he’s correct. His personnel is awful. It’s the reason Lovie Smith was fired. Now, can he do anything about it?

His personnel was no good at the end at Arkansas, as far as offensive line. Outside of one or two players, he did not sign linemen of note. It will get you fired in the SEC and in the Big Ten.

Saying it is wrong, though. There are about 20 players in the two deep who read that and thought, “I’m not doing anything for this guy because he doesn’t want me.”

Sam did just the opposite when he got here. First thing he said, “You didn’t pick me, I picked you.” Then, he begin touting their work ethic and the progress they have made. He pushed them and praised them when they worked hard. And, he kept saying, “They are getting better. They aren’t where we want them to be yet, and I want them bigger, but they are getting there.”

I’m not using direct quotes, but you get it.


I always liked Bret. He cared about his players, anytime there was an injury he was out there to check on them. No matter where they were on the depth chart. Unfortunately he made bad staff decisions and the team imploded.

Saying none of his OLine has contributed a thing and don’t have the ability to contribute was shocking, to say the least. I was flabbergasted. Not sure how that helps anything, even if it’s true.

He has made his job harder which is not a smart thing to do by saying those things.

I am guessing if that is truly how he feels, he will help all of his linemen find their way to the transfer portal. Then, replace them from said portal.

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The thing is, if I’m a good or better OL looking for a new opportunity in the portal, I’m not sure how much I’d want to play for a coach that publicly throws his OL under the bus, when I can (among other attractive options) play for a Sam Pittman who (as Clay points out) builds his players up and teaches them how to be the best player they can be.

As mentioned by someone else, Bret just made a tough job that much tougher by shooting off his mouth in a public forum like that. Like Clay said, it isn’t that he’s necessarily wrong…but that’s just NOT the way to go about solving the problem, IMO.

Not the way I’d advise it to be done. Then again, I’m surprised by 20-year-olds all the time. Good luck with that style, Coach B. I bet he made things more difficult for his assistant coaches by about times five.

And those would be the same assistants Bielema will undoubtedly blame if they don’t deliver said OL recruits.

lol…and now…predictably…the “other shoe falls”.

“Why, you media types just took me out of context!”

I’m not a “media type” and I watched the video. It was a bad, bad look for Bret.


These were some quotes from tweets below. I can KINDA see what they’re saying but still, gotta be more careful IMO.

“If you listen carefully he is basically saying that the OL is mostly Senior and extra year and none of the recent underclass has been able to break through to earn playing time; not really a knock on the current 2-deep.”

“player in the 2-deep that they’ve recruited here over the last 3 years” That is conditional; doesn’t apply to those recruited 4 years ago or longer.’"

That is almost as smart saying to the High School Coaches Association in Texas, “If you run that RPO spread offense, we’ll run you out of the stadium.” BB should just wear the flip-flops and not use them to correct for his large mouth.